#Write Here Write Now

Your inner poet can stop the war in Ukraine

"Always be a poet,” said French poet Charles Baudelaire, 'even in prose.'

Wish upon 2023

At its core, through trials and errors, our desire is to elevate our world to the level of utopian science fiction. Other than inhabiting, possessing, and controlling it, we have reshaped it, but here we are. Can we get it back in shape?

Your inner poet can end the war in Ukraine

Poetry does make better writers and also better people.

Eat your words

Or why we must swallow our regrets like a bitter pill.

Make it your business to make it better

But first New Year greetings from eight of the icons of the Philippine private sector.

Supersize your dreams—and make them all come true

Size does matter, especially in this season of oversized everything.

Vengeance and fashion

Life is back as we know it. Are we all dressed for it? In fashion, are we back with a vengeance? We turn to some of our favorite designers for their ideas on revenge dressing or is there such a thing?

All things fun and fab—and Filipino—at Presente by Artefino

This Christmas popup at Powerplant Mall at Rockwell is a treasure trove of fresh, distinctly Filipino ideas you can wear, carry, spruce up your home or gift people you love with.

What Puss in Boots told me about writing

Writing is is a love affair, and reading is its intimate encounters. It’s those quiet moments you spend with the one you love, during which you are given the opportunities you need to learn more, live more, hurt more, bleed more...

Were you—or were you not—at the Tatler Ball this year?

With a guest list smaller by half, Tatler Philippines’ 21st-anniversary benefit proved to be the event to close 2022’s ball season.

Roger Vivier waltzes into Manila in mind-bendingly thin heels

The rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré-inspired boutique is the new kid on the block of namedroppable stores at Greenbelt 3.

There’s a lot more room for Hermès in Manila

The Parisian house has doubled in size, grown by leaps and bounds, as it strengthens its presence—and that of the luxury sector—in the Philippines.

Sunset on the French Riviera

Manila at its party best shows up all dressed in white at a welcome party for Coralie Charriol.

Sa Pa is made for walking

This idyllic town nestled in the ‘Vietnamese Alps’ has until lately been beyond reach, except to the most intrepid of travelers.

The diva showdown

I was born too late to watch Joan Crawford and Bette Davis rule Hollywood, with popcorn.

The ‘I’ has to travel

When there’s a restlessness in us that allows us to feel at home only while looking at possibilities beyond the horizon.

Did somebody say something about us?

I think I died and went to heaven—Margot Robbie.

If I could turn back time

I’d be in... Venice in 1962.

Drink like Gatsby

I’ll have what F. Scott Fitzgerald was having, if it involved copious amounts of champagne.

Like Shakespeare, I’m onion-eyed

And I’m hungering for the sautéed onion in my breakfast omelette or the rings of medium red onion in my pork chop steak a la bistek

Chiz and Heart: We're Back

At the birthday dinner she threw for her closest friends at Blackbird, Heart Evangelista looked dazzling in the arm of lost-and-found escort—Senator Chiz Escudero

Haiku adrift on plastic

How is the ocean not enraged, 
how is it not furious with grief:
we have drowned it in plastic,
its waves are no longer its own.
—Ashley Asti

Slurping my vichyssoise with Capote’s women

The Very Extra Book Club starts the year with generous helpings of the scandals that broke this author and his New York swans apart.

Higher and higher on butterfly wings

Cheers to the best of this year’s Ternocon—grand winner Yssa Inumerable and runners-up Gabbie Sarenas and Gladys Rose Pantua.