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Margarita Forés brings the world to Bohol

Asia’s Best Chef 2016 takes her turn as featured chef at Amorita’s culinary program BEats.

It’s the weekend, what are we going to do?

What it means to take some time off now that Saturday and Sunday are just like the rest of the week.

Weekend Paradise

So what if it will take a long time before the pandemic is over and we are free to travel the world again? We have El Nido and we’ll always have El Nido

Boracay-bound: No better time to book that ticket

Here’s why you should consider getting reacquainted with our very own pristine-white and powdery sand beach island.

Bohol is back in business

Until March 14, you can book Bohol for 70 percent off.

A week of solitude

Like a prayer, this year's Holy Week we can spend in the grace of silence, in all that can be discovered in contemplation, in the cleansing power of meditation.

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Discovery Shores Boracay is one of Condé Nast’s top 25 resorts in Asia

The 2021 list reflects the places that travelers yearned for the most and the ways in which the tourism industry has slowly begun to reopen.