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Former OFW cultivates abundance from farming in western Pangasinan

After retiring from her 17-year-stint as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), Evelyn De Guzman-Breguera experienced difficulties in finding local job opportunities, especially in her home province of Pangasinan. However, spending days alongside farming communities, as well as the inspiration of her father, who is also a farmer, paved the way for her to develop an interest in farming.

A Dutch floating dairy farm could be the future of livestock

In a bid to achieve a more sustainable source of milk and beef, a Dutch couple created a floating micro-dairy farm rising and falling along tides in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Wetlands are vital for agriculture

Wetlands are like biological supermarkets where vast amounts of food let many organisms thrive. The seasonal water inundation provides suitable habitat for many plant and animal species. These are also the areas that cultivated the world's agriculture.

Some zoos let people name a cockroach after their ex in time this Valentine's day

To those who still cannot get over their past relationships this Valentine's, some zoos in the United States are offering a special service where people can name a cockroach after their ex, and let it be eaten by another animal.

Textiles may help reduce fertilizer industry's greenhouse gas emissions

In a bid to create environment-friendly ammonia production, researchers from the North Carolina State University in the United States are building gas-liquid scrubbing reactors capable of isolating specific gasses. What’s special about this is its air filter is made up of textiles.

Prince Harry shares his appreciation of farming in his memoir 'Spare'

In his newly released book, Prince Harry narrates how his short stay as a cattle herder, also known as a jackaroo, on a farm in Australia helped him cope with his busy life as a celebrity.

Some factors that will shape textile agriculture this 2023

Amidst the continuing price inflation and globalization, many producers and consumers are making sustainability a priority in industries. This general trend will dominate textile agriculture in 2023.

Composting provides unexpected benefits to dairy farms in New Zealand

Research in New Zealand determined the feasibility of using composting shelters to house cows, a practice becoming popular among smallholder farmers.

Rabbits can be a sustainable beef alternative

Aside from issues of poor animal welfare, deforestation, and pollution, industrial animal agriculture generates around 14.5% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to the United Nations Food Agriculture Organization (UN FAO).

Japanese farmers use technology to balance wildlife conservation and farm protection

To help curtail widespread agricultural losses from wild animals, Japan's hunter associations began introducing robotic counterparts in several rural communities.

Did you know that several World Cup champions hail from this Argentinian agricultural town?

The agricultural region of Pampas in Argentina is not only home to world-renowned beef and corn, but it is where some of Argentina's famous football champions started their journeys.

Onions in the Philippines become an international sensation

Though not necessarily the first, the local onions made a rare feat for a crop by making it to international feature stories and headlines.

The Lunar New Year is a time to celebrate agriculture

Amidst the celebrations, the lunar new year is also a time of reflection on the contribution of agriculture in developing human civilization. From the timing of festivities to the name of the year, the lunar new year has many ties with agriculture.

Lunar New year Special: Focus on rabbits

Last January 22, 2023, more than a billion people around the world celebrated the lunar new year and welcomed the Year of the Rabbit, the fourth in the twelve-year periodic sequence of animals that appear in the traditional Chinese calendar.

Lifelong education helps increase women in agriculture

While the culture of male dominance in agriculture is still prevalent, women's rights advocates believe that education matters in changing the landscape for women in agriculture.

Propagating tip cuttings: An affordable way to grow plants

Instead of buying multiple plants of the same variety, a gardener in the United States instead relies on tip cuttings to grow plants from a single specimen.

Plants need friends too: Why companion planting is important

On the other side of the spectrum, those who are not in love or would like to be alone are often called plants because of their supposed inability to feel emotions. However, most plants need companions too!

Reflect on agriculture this Lent

Coinciding with spring, it has also been suggested that some of the practices during the Lenten season can be attributed to agricultural practices.

A Latin American startup is brewing coffee without the beans

Fueled by a love for coffee, a startup in Costa Rica started creating bean-less coffee in a bid to make it more sustainable and save it from the perils of climate change.