#Medium Rare



As Fr. Jerry Orbos used to say, three rings are the hallmark of married life. Engagement ring, wedding ring, suffering.

Follow the money

If detectives and crime writers go by the cliché, “cherchez la femme” (look for the woman), when they’re trying to solve a crime, bankers and economists go by the rule to “follow the money.”

Magic of music

It’s the end of an era when the good sisters of St. Paul University, one of a handful of schools offering bachelor and doctoral degrees in music, opens its doors for a concert, “the first time in three years,” according to Dean Raul Sunico.

Cunk’s pranks

Forget your K-dramas. Walk away from thrilling, gory, violent crime serials. Documentaries are interesting but not all of them are fun to watch.

Wasting, wanting

In the midst of a shortage of food and water, we’re wasting and throwing away food and water.

16 years later

Ten months to prep a wedding, from the finest detail to the grandest gesture. Sixteen years to turn from sweethearts to an affianced couple, finally to Mr. and Mrs.