#Manila Bay

Nissan Philippines inaugurates Manila Bay dealership

Nissan Philippines inaugurated its newest dealership, Nissan Manila Bay.

Manila Bay task force ready to strike vs. polluters on March 22, World Water Day

The Manila Bay Anti-Pollution Task Force (MBAPTF) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is set to make examples out of four business establishments that pollute the Manila Bay on Monday, March 22.

Manila Bay’s white sand is just like Paris in the summer

Artificial beaches have a purpose—and here are others from all over the world.

Beyond Manila Bay, sand extraction endangers billions of people

There’s a war over sand, do you know it? People die for sand, trying to keep it, protect it, preserve it, steal it, and sell it.

This is a fake beach

Before 1992, it was unthinkable to swim and sunbathe on La Barceloneta’s beaches in Barcelona, but now they are a lure for millions of tourists and their disposable income.

Where are we now: Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program timeline

The rehabilitation program has a long way to go, much of it very complex. It will take years before we even get to phase three and sustainment, but where are we now exactly, and what has happened since then?

Explaining the #ManilaBayChallenge

The hashtag is trending, but what is it all about? You dolomite have a clue.

Mayhem on Manila Bay

And the punctuation marks are convoluting the arguments.

There is no road more beautiful than Roxas Boulevard

Imagining a walk to remember along Manila Bay.