#Jullie Yap Daza

Baguio, Christmas country

Some of the lucky residents—and their visitors from the lowlands—would whimsically describe the climate in Baguio as Christmas-like.

Tree cheers!

Deck the hall with boughs of jolly.

Benjie and friends—what a party!

The Manila Hotel’s romantic Champagne Room turns into a crystal-and-silver forest for magical times at Benjie Yap’s birthday.

Chinatown Is Not A Place

And neither is this book history, though someday it might well be.


Love, Baguio

Everyone who has been to Baguio keeps a special place in his or her heart for beautiful memories and the power of wishing to come back, stay longer the next time, or become a permanent resident and stay young longer.

Jullie Yap Daza’s latest: ‘Chinatown Is Not A Place’

“Chinatown is not a place” is the title of Daza's latest book.

Breakfast for farmers, dinner for lovers, a habit for bikers

How would you like this for breakfast? Tinapang Salinas; estrelladong itlog with burong mustasa, kamatis, bawang, sibuyas; and sinangag. Served with Amadeo coffee.

These imperfect humans who are more than perfect in our eyes

An intimate portrait of one of the most complicated of human interactions—the mother and daughter relationship.

A secret garden in a Balinese setting

It’s a series of gardens on a multi-hectare property that might as well be a park.

A food trip, just for the heck of it

Just to get out of the city on lockdown, what could be more fun than a food trip?