2023’s Filipino Food Month celebrates launch at the Manila Metropolitan Theatre

The month-long celebration of Filipino food and culinary heritage was launched at the Manila Metropolitan Theatre last Tuesday, championing the theme, “Pagkaing Sariling Atin, Mahalin at Pagyamanin.”

The beauty of bonsai: agricultural art beyond a lifetime

Bonsai can be considered an art form rooted in agriculture. It’s the art of growing miniature trees in containers or pots, and training them to grow in a shape that the artist desires. Regular trees typically live long lives, so it’s safe to say that bonsai can uphold its beauty for years even beyond its maker.

April Agriculture Festivals 2023

April marks the start of summer! And what’s a better way to greet the heat than being at a festival? Get good food, watch grand parades, and join the festivities! Here are the agri-related festivals for the month of April.

Milking the industry: Boy Gatas of General Santos encourages Filipinos to venture into dairy farming

Milk is a staple food in many cultures. A newborn baby needs milk for sustenance, a kid needs milk for nutrition, a glass of milk helps one sleep soundly, and milk can be used to create delicious food, like desserts. Milk accompanies us from birth to adulthood which is why Bayliss Kurt Razo, or Boy Gatas, found value in producing milk through dairy farming.

The bees are busy at this Batangas house of honey

Bees are abuzz in Batangas! If you’re curious to see bees at work and try the fruits of their labor, the Honey House Honeybee Farm is the place to be. You can have a taste of sweet honey, honey cider vinegar, and honeycomb made by the bees at this farm in Lipa, Batangas.

May Agricultural Festivals

It’s mango season! Coconut season! Banana season! Although technically these crops can be had all year-round, the month of May is filled with festivals celebrating them and their abundant harvests. Not just crops, but May is also a month to celebrate farm helpers, too! Celebrate and party with locals of different towns as you explore the different agriculture-related festivals this May.

Agriculture-based series for the anime-lovers

Anime has evolved throughout the years, and now stories with agricultural themes are given a spotlight. Farming isn’t the most glamorous profession out there, but when mixed with fantasy world and comedic scenes, it’s hard to let shows like these go unwatched.

A dream farm shared with others: Pantabangan farm resort becomes the perfect nature escape

What happens when a certified plantita finds the provincial nature spot of her dreams? A land next to a large lake and with a gorgeous view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range? That’s something you don’t let go. That’s exactly what Maricar Suarez did.

Happy bee day: Four beekeepers who do their best for the bees

May 20 is World Bee Day! Bees deserve to be recognized for how hard they work for our planet as its primary pollinator and their role in the biodiversity which humans depend on for survival.