Number one in the world… and I’m ashamed

Let’s be honest, it’s not often we Filipinos can legitimately say we’re numero uno in the world in some category. Back in the early years of this century, I would hear reports about how we were number one in “speed texting” and text messaging; and you’re probably aware that if not outright number one, we’re in the top percentile globally, when it comes to hours spent on social media by a country’s population. Nothing to especially be proud about, but nothing for which we should bow our heads in shame – although I would like to see how it relates to a nation’s productivity.

Is AI today’s big bad wolf?

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben to Peter Parker/Spider-Man. When Aboitiz Digital Innovation mounted the first ever Philippine AI (Artificial Intelligence) summit, I felt that those words from Uncle Ben were resonating through the halls of the Marriott Grand Ballroom, where the two-day event was being held. Employee displacement, questions about honesty and ethics; these issues swirled in the air, as AI and its limitless and beneficial possibilities, applications, and potential, were being discussed.