A future with a past unknown

Why culture and heritage have a key role in nationbuilding.

ManilART ‘22—a feast for the eyes

Everything is more innovative, more beautiful, more interesting – everything is just MORE.

Sa Pa is made for walking

This idyllic town nestled in the ‘Vietnamese Alps’ has until lately been beyond reach, except to the most intrepid of travelers.

Our most colorful festival is back at last

Before the feast, locals on the designated streets where the procession of San Isidro will pass through decorate their houses with rice stalks, a waterfall of fruits and vegetables, and most notably, giant flowers and chandelier-like arangya made from multi-colored kiping.

Icons of myth

Jomike Tejido presents ‘Olympus.’

Pasinaya is back, better and bigger

Attracting more than 27,000 people with approximately 75,000 audience viewership pre-pandemic, Pasinaya is undoubtedly the biggest multi-arts festival in the country.


But first a word on responsibility.

Doha hears the call of the kulintang

Artistic interpretation of an ancient Philippine instrument installed in Qatar’s Cultural Village as a cultural legacy.

Backstage pass

Life behind the curtains at the CCP.

2d food, is it good?

Don’t forget to say ‘Itadakimasu’ before stuffing yourself with all these heaping plates of magic.

Yes, you can use both your left and right brain

Pinto Art Museum presents ‘Neurologists as Artists’

Ode to the Filipina

The Cultural Center of the Philippines presents ‘Women and the Camera.’

Dula Tayo

KWF calls participants for 2022 monologue-writing contest.