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Small changes for a healthier 2023

We may not feel exhausted because our minds are strong. Chronic stress, however, will take its toll on our body.

Intermittent fasting 101

Everything you need to know on IF.

A little extra for the man of the house

s the primary goal when it comes to maintaining a healthy body to prevent the onset of illnesses as well as preventing complications of existing medical conditions.

Plant food for women in menopause

While the excess estrogen from fat cells is harmful, nature provided us with naturally occurring plant estrogens or phytoestrogens that may help to decrease the risk of age-related diseases like breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The power of prayers

It isn’t about the act of praying or performing any religious act. As evident in the research, the way one perceives God makes a difference in the impact of prayers on mental health.

Can meat-eaters save the planet?

Know what it takes to transition into a plant predominant lifestyle without giving up the steak!

The herb for the heart

Introducing Hawthorn, a botanical that promotes a healthy heart.

Tummy talk

Taking care of your digestive health.

Nutrition in focus

Delve into the role of nutrition in the pandemic and beyond.

The right way to exercise for a healthy heart

A sedentary lifestyle puts you at a major risk.

How to heal a broken heart

Understanding the role of nutrition and immunity in heart health.

How to keep your sanity intact during isolation

The effects are hazardous even to your physical health

How a healthy immune system prevents COVID

Nothing beats our innate protection.

How well are you taking care of yourself this pandemic?

Let’s talk self-improvement in September

Your recipe for longevity

How to age well.

Caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Always treat them with dignity

Eat your way to immunity

In the spirit of strengthening your system, make a habit of incorporating these specific food items in your diet

Are you sensitive to certain food and just don’t know it?

Understanding our body’s unique reactions.

Diabetes increases the risk for severe symptoms of COVID-19

What you should do to keep your blood sugar at bay.

Preparing for menopause with phytoestrogens

Women who are menopausal are at greater risk for many other diseases.