#Carol RH Malasig

Portraits of diplomacy

Spotlight on the modern Filipino diplomat.

Israeli cuisine takes over the Manila Hotel

Liv shared that Israelis do consume a lot of vegetables, something they had to provide for with technology. ‘You have to keep in mind that 60 percent of the country is desert and to grow vegetables in such a scarce place isn’t so easy.’

Successful comeback for Swiss-PH gastrodiplomacy and the IBF Bazaar

'Tasting the Future Together' was how the Swiss embassy dubbed the event, which was part of the celebration of the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Switzerland.

Cheers to 124 years of the DFA!

When I said yes to the president to being his secretary of foreign affairs, I did not know that a virus would largely define my tenure along with a new cold war starting in our neck of the woods. —Teodoro Locsin Jr.

75 years of Franco-Filipino friendship

‘Here we are today, not just to look at the last 75 years, but to explore what we want to do in the future or what we want to do together in the next 75 years.’

Independence season: The busiest time of the year for our embassies abroad

I always love observing ambassadors and how they plan around the month of June with National Day receptions for the diplomatic community, cultural events, and activities to keep Filipino traditions alive in foreign places.

‘Fly the great big sky, see the great big sea’

Sending scholars abroad is one of the most effective ways in increasing people-to-people relations between two countries.

Play to learn—in the metaverse

The talent is here. The smarts are here, but we always tend to prioritize the ‘earn.’ What Kevin and I are envisioning is, why not prioritize both? —Sheila Lirio Marcelo

All new things to discover in Malaysia

Family-friendly destinations showcased at PTAA’s travel expo.

Getting to know New Zealand’s Ambassador Peter Kell

One of the best qualities a diplomat can have is sincerity and it’s something one instantly notices in Kell.

Fall in love on winter slopes

Why Switzerland is best experienced cold.2

Coffee, friendship, and a touch of chocolate

Stella Longa Sutton and Fides Herrera-Lim keep their friendship alive by constantly supporting coffee farmers in Benguet

Forged in fire and cooled by the winds of time

Filipinos and the Japanese have something so profound in common—pottery.

Beyond hallyu

The Korean Cultural Center is ready for its next chapter.

The week that was: Diplomatic events are finally back

There’s been a lot going on the past week as 2022 is proving to be a year that brings forth lots of things to celebrate.

Country to watch: Bangladesh

Ending Women’s Month and celebrating the golden jubilee of PH-Bangladesh relations.

It takes a lot of guts to move abroad as a woman

Men are providers, women are at home. Men who move abroad on their own are adventurous, go-getters. Women who go about this by themselves must be lonely and they deserve it for choosing a career over finding a spouse and having kids.

The Queen Series

Ana Algabre-Hernandez paints a full and fulfilling life.

What journalists are getting wrong while reporting on Ukraine

Over at ITV, a female journalist said on a live report: ‘The unthinkable has happened and this is not a developing, third-world nation. This is Europe!'

The fast track to adulting

Prior to joining Miss Universe, Corrine was living in Spain as an English teaching assistant, which allowed her to see more of Europe while earning a little bit of money.

Diplomacy in the metaverse: Will it work?

Back in November, the Caribbean nation of Barbados announced that they would be opening its first embassy in the metaverse, Decentraland.

Omicron etiquette

Words and reactions during this pandemic.

Tact as a talent

In this day and age when authenticity is held at such a premium, are we given a free pass to just say what we want, even if it hurts?

What a woman should be in 2021: fun, fearless, and makes her own choices

It’s interesting to note that Myrza grew up defying almost every expectation society had for her. She left a parent-approved career in IT to become a model. Then, she went on to be a writer and said no to motherhood while openly talking about putting her own desires first. In a society where women are often painted as meek and self-sacrificing, is there room to be selfish?