Love chocolate, let me count the ways

The cheesecake with its airy texture and just the right amount of sweetness was so good the only way such deliciousness could exist in the world was if the gods favored humans enough to send us one of their otherworldly delights.

How’s your cacao? Some challenges and recommendations in local cacao production

High productivity, improved quality, and diversity are three things that Edwin Banquerigo of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) believes are key to harmonizing local cacao production and increasing farmers’ income.

The market potential of value-added cacao products in the Philippines

Cacao is a high-value crop that can be made into various products, with chocolates, chocolate powder, and tablea being the most common ones.

Bohol’s Chocolate Princess revives heirloom cacaos planted in backyards

A chocolate maker in Bohol launched a program to revive old cacao trees and make them profitable again.

Davao as a chocolate factory

Fighting to keep the region’s cacao pure.

Tanay, Rizal couple helps fellow farmers in cacao growing

A couple in Tanay, Rizal are helping their fellow farmers in
their livelihood in cacao production, not only for the benefit of the growers and their dependents but also to help propagate the industry in the region.