#book review

A Christmas story three decades in the making

'The Christmas Toys' has the makings of a classic Christmas story, and indeed, deserves a place in the bookshelves of all families.

The past and the future as windows to the present

With these four novels, our intrepid quartet of authors dig into the past or speculate on the future in order to create insightful commentary on what we’re like as members of the human race.

Turn a new leaf this 2021 with these four fantastic novels

If you’re looking for reading material come Christmas holidays and are in the mood for riveting literary fiction, here are four weighty recommendations.

Excellent adventures in fiction

The novels today are a varied bunch. From literary fiction that’s fairy-tale-inspired, to a dystopian fable with epic weight loss thrown in, to southern gothic with humor, and top grade crime fiction.

The divine human comedy

BOOK REVIEWS: Four titles that redefine how one should read comedy.

From the world of words and two from Japan

IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND: Today, we have books that “play” in the world of words, dictionaries, and libraries. And there are two novels from Japanese authors, from opposite ends of the writing spectrum.

Mystery deaths, the social divide, and saving Mother Earth

IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND: The four novels today are a mixed bag of delights.

A New York state of crime and London calling

IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND: From the Hamptons to upstate New York, to London or the nearby outskirts

Europa, Europa

IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND: European Crime Fiction takes the spotlight via the debut novel of a Swedish author, a French graphic novel, and one set in the UK. And we have a sci-fi alt-history tale set in Germany 1945.

18th Century pastiche and murders most foul

If You Could Read My Mind: Four riveting novels feature in today’s #IYCRMM.

'Great read': Clarita Carlos reviews book on Putin

Galeotti's analysis of Putin, she said, was "quite refreshing and truly truly instructive".