Moringa is a "green diamond" in the local agribusiness sector

Locally known as malunggay, moringa leaves and seed oil are major raw materials used in the food and nutrition industry, cosmetics, and herbal medicine in the Philippines.

21-year-old student establishes hydroponics business with only P1,000 

With the rising prices of commodities today, a thousand pesos can only go so far. Though in the case of a 21-year-old student, a thousand pesos led to the discovery of a new passion and the establishment of his first hydroponics venture.

Filipino-Lebanese couple farms in Pangasinan after early retirement 

Mashistro Farms’ proprietors, Rida and Rosemarie Mahshi, came from two different countries and cultural backgrounds. What strengthens their bond is their shared love for farming, animals, and God’s creations.

Starting ideas to maximize pineapple agribusiness opportunities

During the Usapang Agribiz: Virtual Agribusiness Opportunities Forum on Pineapple conducted by the Department of Agriculture - Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service (DA-AMAS) last December 6, 2022, industry and government experts shared some insights on the Philippine pineapple industry.

Farmers’ cooperative in Kalinga introduces the first-ever tilapia noodles 

Tilapia is served in a variety of ways: fried, grilled, steamed, smoked, pickled, and baked. But among numerous local tilapia recipes, there is one that stands out: tilapia noodles.

High school teacher follows in the footsteps of his farmer parents

Many people who come from farming households engage in agriculture at some point in their lives. One person who is following in his father's footsteps in farming is Raffa "Raffy" Capalaran.

An integrated farming system and agricultural partnerships keep a small-scale family farm productive all year round

Found in Camarines Norte, the surfing capital of Bicol, Baluzo Farm sits on a 1.3-hectare land that is solely devoted to natural farming. It was established by Eduardo B. Baluzo, a family’s patriarch, after his retirement in the military in 2009.

Spouses earn a stable income after developing a mushroom product line

Jade C. Calingasan, 33, and her husband Ruel B. Calingasan, 34, were able to make a business out of a 40 square meters space by turning it into a mushroom growing house that can accommodate up to 6,000 mushroom fruiting bags.