Wilma C. Inventor-Miranda

Hiding likes on social media—what’s behind this trend?

Many people nowadays hide likes on their social media accounts for business or otherwise. I was curious, so I checked. The reasons were valid enough to convince me to hide likes on my social media account, too.

Invest in yourself, invest in travel

With summer season almost over and the tax season just about to end with the deadlines for annual reports to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) almost completed, Filipinos, like us, who are in the audit and tax industry have all our bags packed and ready to go and visit places. 

Luxury bags and watches as investments?

One may ask, is it worth an investment if I purchase branded bags and watches? How about branded clothes and shoes? As for the latter, for obvious reason, they easily depreciate more than bags and watches, making them not attractive investment.

Tax payments made easy?

With the onset of the busy tax season, we note of the Ease Of Paying Taxes (EOPT), which was made into law last Jan. 5, 2024.  President Marcos, however, vetoed one provision on the withholding of taxes by microenterprise, but the rest were approved. As of this writing, we are still waiting for the Department of Finance to release the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). So much had been written about this topic, so I will only delve into some of the highlights.

EQ in the workplace - How important?

In these days when businesses are growing and there is a need to hire more people or replace positions which are left vacant when people are being poached, terminated or retired from work, how can one determine the right people to hire?