Tonyo Cruz

‘Freedom to choose whether to migrate or to stay’

Many are familiar with the rights and freedoms to a nationality, to travel and to unimpeded navigation, and to due process in immigration and other immigration rights. A lot are embedded in our national and international laws, and in treaties.

Thinking of elections, rethinking elections

Did you know that there were 18,087 positions at stake in the 2022 elections? Give or take a few positions whose terms of office exceed three years, this would be roughly the same number of positions to be contested in 2025.

The ₱750-billion question

It is unconventional wisdom but governments, past and present, actually owe generations of jeepney drivers and operators a lot. The fact is, these family-run micro-enterprises have been the backbone of public transportation nationwide. Without them, there’s no mobility across the archipelago, especially for the overwhelming majority who commute.

Joel Lamangan’s heart

Would a triple heart bypass stop a director from finishing a film he has long wanted to make?

If you’re Joel Lamangan, it won’t. The 12 days of prep, procedure and recovery from the heart operation in early December didn’t deter him.

Much ado about titles

When I was growing up, I used to walk around our mixed working class-middle class neighborhood in Sampaloc, Manila, and I noticed that some houses had marble labels on their outer walls. Inscribed on the markers are the full names and professions of the people that purportedly live there. They were a bit bigger and different from the signs outside offices of lawyers, doctors and dentists.