Tonyo Cruz

‘Beacon of hope’

It is impossible not to be disturbed by the daily dose of heartbreaking news, especially photos and videos, about the attacks on Gaza and the West Bank, including hospitals, refugee centers and houses of worship.

Our ‘lodi’ is gone and there’s the rub

On a cool November night in 2015, we went to the Carmelites’ media center in New Manila, Quezon City to cheer our friend Raymund Villanueva as he received the prestigious Titus Brandsma Award from the Order of Carmelites in the Philippines.

Yes, there are Filipino-Palestinians

Palestinians are more familiar to us Filipinos than many of us could be ready to accept.

Bishop’s move

The past few weeks, I’ve watched on YouTube many videos of episcopal ordinations of new Catholic bishops, both here and abroad. They are often full of ecclesiastical pomp and circumstance, sometimes with dozens of bishops, archbishops and cardinals in attendance.

Ties that bind the Philippines and Palestine

The Philippines has recognized Palestine since September 1989. Right now, we are among 138 member-states of the United Nations that recognize the State of Palestine. All member-states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with the exception of Myanmar, also recognize Palestine.