Jullie Y. Daza

TV or not TV

That “small screen” as it used to be called is no longer small. The standard size now is 40-plus inches diagonally across, and in some homes a 100-inch set is all part of the furniture.

Fire and rain

Fire and Ice was a new color invented for a brand of lipstick years ago, when I would’ve been too young to use it.


Three’s a crowd, three’s company. For Tito-Vic-Joey three’s a charm. Though 44 is more like it.

Tech talk with Gringo

What fun to reconnect with Gringo Honasan, soldier, “cashiered colonel,” coup leader, senator, cabinet secretary, now looking so relaxed it must be due to his temporary retirement from politics and public office. Is he ripe for another run come 2025? He’s not confirming, not denying.

Teleradyo signing off