Joseph C. Tay

PROP UP: Cathay Land — Reshaping the landscape of Silang, Cavite for Filipino families

Much of Silang's development is due to the foresight and hard work of Jeffrey Ng, president of Cathay Land, who made a bet on the agricultural town almost 30 years ago.

PROP UP: LIMA Estate — Piecing together a world class economic estate in Batangas

What started out as a 350-hectare estate has now expanded more than two-fold into an immense 800-hectare development.

PROP UP: Glenn Cuevo—Behind the science of curating art and styling spaces

For this corporate banker turned interior stylist, the measures of art extend beyond just aesthetics and visual poetry. It is a science of balance that can be introduced to interiors through paintings, sculptures, furniture, and accessories.

PROP UP: Blurring the lines of nature and design in premium residential architecture

Design is not just about being “instagrammable,” it should be about the language of the designer and how well it is executed toward the shared vision between them and the client.

PROP UP: From land reclaimer to city developer—DMWAI and Metro Manila’s newest business district

Aseana City, the company’s burgeoning business district along the shores of Manila Bay, is one of the most coveted areas in the metro,