Senator Francis Tolentino

Privatization of NAIA

Tourism is one of the Philippines’ primary industries. Tourists travel to the country to experience its tropical warmth, the beauty of its pristine waters, and the hospitality of its people, among others. Local and foreign visitors travel to the country through various transportation means most often through air transit as it is perceived to be the fastest and most convenient way to reach the Philippines.

Nuclear energy

Electric power has undeniably become a basic need for the modern man. This energy source has truly revolutionized human life in countless ways and our dependence on electricity to power up homes, offices, transportation, communication, and businesses, among numerous other facets of life, is clear and undeniable.

Require second booster for all

Just when the world thought Covid-19 was over, we now fear the resurgence of this deadly virus which took millions of lives worldwide, crippled world economy and halted the people’s lives.  The Department of Health declared last Monday that new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country from May 8-14 have increased to 12,414, with a recorded daily average case of 1,773. Worldwide, over 2.8 million new cases have been reported and death tolls due to Covid-19 infection increase every day. We begin to wonder now if the Philippine Health System is ready and resilient enough to weather, may God forbid, another Covid-19 storm.

SEA Games 2023

All gears continue to fire up in the on-going 32nd Southeast Asian Games and 12th Para Games in Cambodia.  Southeast Asian sports once again take center stage as athletes from 11 nations compete in the 37 sports events lined up for the sports meet.  The SEA Games scheduled to run from May 5 to 17 is not only a showcase of Southeast Asian sports prowess, but more so, an affirmation of the region’s solidarity, friendship, and a shared vision for inclusive regional growth.

The Sudan strife

The 72-hour ceasefire in currently destabilized Sudan was indeed a sigh of relief.  The three-day breather which started last April 23 bought some time for both Sudanese and other foreign nationals caught in the brewing civil strife to find safe passage to shielded grounds.  Our government took advantage of the short crossfire lull and was able to extract Filipinos who requested for repatriation, transporting them to safer refuge in Egypt.  Ac-cording to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 500 deaths have been confirmed and more than 4,000 have been reported injured.