Dr. Florangel Rosario Braid

Vigilance over the Sovereign Wealth Fund

I start this piece with thoughts of needed caution and watchfulness by every Filipino citizen. The big news this week was the approval by the joint congressional committee of the Maharlika Investment Fund or Sovereign Wealth Fund, which was introduced as a bill six months ago.

Navigating the digital space

I have just completed the manuscript for my autobiography. When I started writing it last October, it was in the form of memoirs, a selection of memories in my life journey.  But I started covering more events chronologically so someone suggested I should describe it as such.

‘Bring WPS incidents to the UN’

After the several encounters between the Chinese maritime vessels and our own Philippine Coast Guard ships in the West Philippine Sea, former Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose L. Cuisia Jr. urges our government to bring the reports on the recent skirmishes to the UN. And to gather further support from the international community.

Quo vadis, Philippine education?

According to the Second Congressional Commission on Education (EDCOM II), its primary goal  is to implement the 1987 Constitution’s mandate to provide a “policy environment” of strengthening academic freedom,” and thus, higher education should have less regulation.  Thus, it would be free of “unnecessary state interference and control.”

World Press Freedom Day in a world of yawning inequalities

When the international community celebrates World Press Freedom Day (WPD) on May 3, it will be facing rising conflict and violence, threats to health and the environment, as well as continuing disinformation and misinformation. Adding to these challenges is the growing inequality between those who have and those bereft of the benefits of development.