Dr. Eduardo Gonzales

Record-breaking Covid-19 vaccine developed in less than a year

Before this, the fastest vaccine developed was for mumps, for four years

Will an antibody test allow us to go back to school or work?

Governments around the world are hopeful that antibody tests can tell them which people are protected from reinfection

Is everyone depressed?

Suddenly, many people have been thrust in varying degrees of grief and paralyzing fear, and this will continue after the lockdown

Let’s temper our expectations on the Covid-19 vaccine

Doctors most knowledgeable about vaccine development warn that, however promising a vaccine may seem now or months from now, premature release can do far more harm than good.

Catholics mark Holy Family Sunday

The Roman Catholic Church highlights on December 29, the importance of the family as the basic unit of society as it marks the Feast of the Holy Family Sunday with the Holy Family – Saint Joseph, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus - as the model for all Christian families and domestic life in general.