Diwa C. Guinigundo

Central bank independence according to the IMF

The IMF’s Tobias Adrian talked about 10 metrics aimed at helping central banks (CBs) and policy makers fortify CBs independence. Adrian was quick to point out that “this is the first new CB independence index in 30 years.”

Central bank independence according to the IMF

At the IMF, countries are represented by their central banks in the International Monetary and Financial Committee while the finance or development ministers constitute the joint Development Committee to advise both the World Bank and the IMF mostly on issues related to economic development in emerging and developing countries. In particular, governance issues of central banks have often been the focus of lively debates at the IMF. 

Delivering on good credit rating

Certainly it was exhilarating news last Sunday, that decision of Fitch Ratings to affirm the Philippines’ investment grade rating at BBB, a notch above the minimum investment grade. Equally significant is the stable outlook that Fitch maintained for the country.

Good for political equilibrium?

It was the American political scientist Hans Morgenthau who proposed that the word “equilibrium” is equivalent to “balance.” Nothing is more important than ensuring the stability of the whole while preserving the independence of its components. In its global application, we have an equilibrium when nations are not only independent, but they are also entitled to exist. 

Scripting in the time of POGO

Some TikToks say it all. To afford a rare McLaren 620R, worth at least $280,000 or more than ₱16 million, one should get used to living in a farm and running a piggery business. Prepare to live a simple life, grow with your father’s workers and yes, do homeschooling. After a few years, branded jewelry, bags, and dresses worth millions of pesos would complete your ensemble as you ride your own chopper after winning a local election in a small town north of Luzon.