No skills in spotting fresh seafood items? Here’s where to find them

Pacific Bay’s seafood best-sellers could become your best friends


Cooking is a survival skill that many of us need to learn, especially when starting to live independently and aiming to save money. After all, takeouts and fast food can quickly deplete our wallets. However, identifying fresh ingredients, particularly in seafood, is another crucial skill. This includes observing the eyes of the fish, textures, and the appearance of shellfish and crustaceans.

With the hustle and bustle of city life, let’s admit that some of us will not master it, let alone go to an actual wet market early in the morning to grab fresh produce and ingredients. To help its customers get fresh seafood quickly, Pacific Bay makes frozen fresh catches available on its e-grocery platform. 

Jumbo Shrimp.png

Expertly prepared and packaged to streamline the cooking process, the brand waves hello with frozen seafood solutions that can be incorporated even into the busiest days. The company made it available in portioning packages to make it more convenient. Pacific Bay’s pre-cut fish, like the Salmon Steak and Atlantic Cod Fillet Portions, can make good choices when estimating how much is needed. Shrimp is also a notorious ingredient that takes effort to prepare and consume. But for only P399, the brand’s Jumbo Shrimps are assembled, deveined, and peeled, ready for any recipe.

Whole clams.png

Then, Clams and Mussels are pre-blanched in the bag before being frozen. The freshness and flavors are also preserved since the packaging contains their natural juices. So, if you’re into home-cooked seafood pasta meals, this could be your next kitchen best friend. The Baby Squid is also ideal for satisfying seafood cravings while adding protein to one’s diet. Gutted and clean from any ink stains. 

To know more about these products, visit Pacific Bay’s official website.