Scam alert! Camille Villar says her name is being used to dupe people 


At a glance

    IMG-68a9e386a05ba563f465aa47f9428d28-V.jpgDeputy Speaker Las Piñas City lone district Rep. Camille Villar (Rep. Villar's office)







    If "representatives" of House Deputy Speaker Las Piñas City lone district Rep. Camille Villar are offering you "business opportunities", chances are it's a scam. 

    Rep. Villar said Wednesday, July 10 that some enterprising individuals have been using her name and are up to no good. 

    "It has come to my attention that several persons or entities have been unscrupulously using my name and pretending to be my representatives to defraud unwitting victims," she said in a statement. 

    "They are claiming that I am offering business opportunities or investments. Please be aware that these claims are false and are intended to scam the public," the ranking solon underscored. 

    Rep. Villar shared to House reporters a link to a "fake" Facebook page bearing her likeness. The particular page contained testimonial posts on the huge payouts in connection with the supposed business opportunity. 

    But the Nacionalista Party (NP) stalwart said these are all baloney. 

    Screenshot_20240710-103156_Messenger.jpgScreenshot of fake Camille Villar page



    "If you have received such messages, please report them to the authorities immediately," she said. 

    "Any legitimate business opportunities or announcements from me will be posted on our official social media accounts," added the deputy speaker. 

    Rep. Villar is the daughter of business magnate and former Senate President, Manny Villar.