Manila Bulletin, Build Initiative collaborate to enhance Night Owl GPT’s coverage of PH current events

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NIGHT OWL GPT — Manila Bulletin (MB) Executive Editor Edgardo C. Bartilad and Build Initiative Chief Future Officer Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo are shown after the signing of the partnership agreement between MB and Build Initiative that will integrate the newspaper’s reliable and comprehensive data into the Build Initiative-developed Night Owl GPT. The collaboration is expected to bridge linguistic and digital divides around the Philippines.


Manila Bulletin, the nation’s leading and most trusted news organization, and Build Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating accessible and inclusive futures for all, signed a strategic partnership in a bid to enhance coverage of Philippine current events Night Owl GPT. This collaboration integrates Manila Bulletin’s reliable and comprehensive news data into Night Owl GPT, an innovative AI-driven mobile application developed by Build Initiative to bridge linguistic and digital divides around the Philippines.

The partnership was officially signed by Ed Bartilad, Manila Bulletin executive editor, and Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo, Build Initiative chief future officer, marking a significant milestone in their shared commitment to democratizing access to information and fostering inclusivity.

Night Owl GPT, known for its real-time translations in Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilokano, aims to expand its linguistic capabilities to encompass all 170 languages spoken around the Philippine archipelago. By leveraging Manila Bulletin’s extensive database of accurate and objective news, Night Owl GPT will now offer users up-to-date information on current events, ensuring that even the most marginalized groups remain informed and engaged with the latest developments in the country.

“We are thrilled to partner with Build Initiative in this groundbreaking project,” Bartilad said. “Our mission has always been to provide accurate and objective news to our readers and followers in the country and elsewhere in the world. Through Night Owl GPT, we can extend our reach even further, making our comprehensive news accessible to all our readers and followers, regardless of their language or location. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a just and prosperous society by ensuring everyone has access to vital information.”

Lamentillo expressed her excitement about the collaboration: “Night Owl GPT is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. By integrating Manila Bulletin’s trusted news data, we are not only enhancing the app’s functionality but also empowering Filipinos with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. This partnership is a significant step toward bridging the digital divide and ensuring that every Filipino, especially those in marginalized communities, stay connected and informed.”