Make your home rainy season ready

Better be prepared than sorry

As the warm weather comes to an end, Filipinos are now preparing for moderate to severe rainstorms.

Extreme rainfall has the potential to cause significant damage to a structure, including broken windows and property damage, especially if the homeowner is not adequately prepared. Homeowners, however, can proactively take steps to minimize potential damage prior to the arrival of a rainstorm.

Here are some important tips to get your home ready for heavy rainfall:

Clean the gutter: Make sure sticks and dirt, as well as leaves and branches, are not in your gutters or downspouts. Rainwater is helped to be directed off the roof, avoiding overflow and possible water damage to your house. Check that downspouts direct water away from the home.

Assure your yard is clear: Keep heavy rains and strong winds off of your house and outside belongings. Tying down loose objects will help to avoid harm or injury if transferring them is not an option.

Make sure your windows and doors are sealed: Using weather stripping and caulk, check for and seal any leaks or gaps around windows and doors. This keeps water out of your house through these spaces. Frequently inspect and maintain your sump pump to make sure it keeps your basement dry during a downpour.

Install hurricane shutters or plywood to withstand strong winds to protect windows, glass doors, and garage doors in areas vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes.

Have an emergency plan: Get necessary supplies ahead of time to be ready for power outages and other interruptions. Maintain these emergency supplies in one easily accessible place.