La Union puts up creative trash bins in tourist sites

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union – The provincial government of La Union, through its Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO), has put up giant creative trash bins in the key tourist destinations in the province to sustain cleanliness and foster environmental consciousness among tourists and residents.


GIANT trash bins have been put up in key tourist destinations in La Union. (Photo via Freddie Lazaro)

Inspired by art installations, these trash bins have the shape of a giant fish to symbolize the rich marine biodiversity in the province and have signages that encourage individuals to put in their empty drink bottles and other recyclables.

The giant trash bins were installed in popular destinations in the province – Urbiztondo surfing area in San Juan, Bilagan Road in Santol, Baluarte Watchtower in Luna, Immuki Island in Balaoan, San Carlos beach in Caba, and Agoo Eco Park in Agoo.

“We did not only place these trash bins to encourage visitors to properly dispose of their trash, but also to underscore our thrusts on environmental sustainability,” said Gov. Raphaelle Veronica "Rafy" Ortega-David.

Annalyn Valdez, the provincial government’s Environment and Natural Resources Officer, said cleanliness and orderliness were observed in the areas where waste bins were installed.

“These destinations were already clean and litter-free even before, but the garbage receptacles were instrumental in the sustainability of the sites despite the continued influx of visitors,” said Valdez.

“We installed them in December 2023 in time for the anticipated high foot traffic during the holidays, and it was noticeable that the areas remained orderly even when the influx subsided,” Valdez added.

She said tourists noted these interesting structures. 

“Unlike the normal trash bin, this piece of art is not an eyesore here at the beach, which preserves the beauty of this place we keep coming back to La Union,” Valdez said.

Valdez said these creative trash bin innovations are added attractions in the tourist sites and the locals are all the more excited to welcome more tourists without the worry of waste mismanagement.

The provincial government is keen in installing more of these creative solid waste facilities in the future, David said.

“Through this simple innovation, we wish to foster a stronger sense of environmental responsibility and accountability here in our province La Union,” said David.