Meet the Filipino designers headlining this year’s Rampa Manila

For its second run, Manila City’s fashion event aims to spotlight the influence of Divisoria Marketplace on Filipino fashion

Every fashion journey is different. Budding designers can come from various places, face different challenges, and have unique creative processes. The only thing that they have in common is their passion for their craft. Well, maybe that’s not the only one. For many designers, there’s a place in Manila that played a significant role in their life in the industry, and that would be the Divisoria Marketplace.

For the longest time, Divisoria has been the go-to place for anyone looking for anything on a friendly budget. It is also a cornucopia of textiles, embellishments, trims, and other things essential in making a design on paper to life. That’s why this year, Rampa Manila, the fashion event of Manila City, is putting the spotlight on the marketplace’s legacy in helping creatives’ dreams become a reality.

After its successful run in 2023, Rampa Manila is back, reaffirming Manila City’s status as one of the fashion hubs of the Philippines. Spearheaded by Mayor Sheila "Honey" Lacuna, Rampa Manila 2 is a testament to the city's commitment to celebrating and promoting local talent.

This year’s theme, conceptualized by Rampa Manila’s creative director Bang Pineda, is "Textile, Texture, and Technique.” The event is set to feature a stellar lineup of designers, both seasoned and upcoming. Designers Anthony Ramirez, Neric Beltran, Val Taguba, Marc Rancy, and Jhobes Estrella will illuminate the runway of Rampa Manila alongside rising talents Morissette Magalona, Dhenyze Guevara, and Joanna Santos.

Reflecting on the event's significance, the designers shared their experiences in Divisoria, highlighting its role in their creative journeys. From sourcing fabrics to finding inspiration, Divisoria has been instrumental in shaping their careers.

“Manila plays an important role in any designer’s career because we source our fabrics locally, especially from Divisoria,” Neric Beltran said. “I would like to think that most, if not all, of us like to source from Divisoria, that’s why I think these places are very important.”

“There’s a street there called Palakpak, which exists to this day,” Anthony Ramirez added. “If you’re a young designer building your collection, Palakpak should be your go-to because everything there is affordable.”

Rampa Manila 2 not only celebrates Filipino culture and talent but also pays homage to the city of Manila and its vibrant marketplace. It serves as a platform to showcase Manila's rich history and exceptional materials, reinforcing its position as the country's fashion capital. 

The second edition of Rampa Manila is set to unfold on June 19, 2024 at Bulwagang Rodriguez, Manila City Hall. To know more about it, visit @rampa_manila on Instagram.

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