Diplomacy and dialogue: Hungarian Ambassador visits Manila Bulletin

Hungary x MB.jpg
Ambassador Dr. Titanilla Tóth of the Hungarian Embassy

The Hungarian Ambassador Dr. Titanilla Tóth visited the Manila Bulletin office, sparking a captivating dialogue on the evolving landscape of communication and diplomacy on May 27, 2024. In an era dominated by fleeting social media interactions, the Ambassador provided a refreshing perspective on the challenges and potential pitfalls of digital diplomacy. "Sometimes I feel that these few seconds things are really harmful for sharing reliable information," she noted. "You cannot be yourself. I understand the purpose if you are an influencer... but I don't want to advertise my country, I want to introduce my country." Her insights highlighted the importance of deeper, more meaningful exchanges to truly capture the essence of a nation’s heritage and values.

Hungary x MB 2.jpg
Ambassador Dr. Titanilla Tóth with Dr. Emilio C. Yap III

Beyond the digital discourse, the Ambassador shed light on the flourishing cooperation between Hungary and the Philippines, emphasizing key areas such as agriculture, technology, and education. Hungarian companies are paving the way for innovative technology transfers and agricultural advancements, with companies recently gaining accreditation to export authentic Hungarian products like foie gras and livestock. The Ambassador also mentioned Hungary’s commitment to education by offering annual scholarships to Filipino students and fostering academic collaborations between universities in both countries.

Hungary x MB 3.jpg
Ambassador Dr. Titanilla Tóth of the Hungarian Embassy presents an artwork, 'Bird’s Eye View Map of Hungary - Hungary Philippines Celebrating Five Decades of Diplomatic Relations 1973-2023' by artist Bela Magyar as a token to Manila Bulletin Vice Chairman and President Dr. Emilio C. Yap III.

This visit, rich in cultural exchange and forward-looking initiatives, underscores the enduring and evolving partnership between Hungary and the Philippines, celebrating a shared vision of growth and mutual understanding.