K-pop star IU draws nearly 40,000 fans to Philippine Arena concert; sings ‘Pasilyo’

K-pop star IU attracted a huge crowd as she held her HEREH World Tour Concert on June 1 at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan.

The singer and actress became the first Korean solo artist to hold a concert at the Philippine Arena, which Guinness World Records declared as the largest mixed-use indoor theater in the world in 2014. 

According to the concert’s promoter Pulp Live World, IU’s HEREH World Tour Concert was attended by nearly 40,000 fans. 





K-pop star IU performing at her HEREH World Tour Concert at the Philippine Arena on June 1 (EDAM Entertainment, Pulp Live World)




IU posing for photos with the audience at her HEREH concert at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on June 1 (X)


At the concert, IU (아이유) surprised fans, which she called a “small gift,” when she sang “Pasilyo,” a song by Filipino band SunKissed Lola that was released in October 2022. 

“Did you like it? When I first heard this song, I really liked it so I practiced. While I can hear that you liked it, it made my practice so worth it. I was so happy while singing this song,” said IU. 

She added, “Manila, ibig sabihin mahal kita (Manila, it means I love you).”


After learning about IU’s cover of their song, Sunkissed Lola posted on Facebook, “Sandaleee mareng IU naman bakit nanggugulat.”


SunKissed Lola's reaction to IU's cover of "Pasilyo" (Screenshot from SunKissed Lola's Facebook account)

IU opened the concert with “Holssi,” which she performed along with young Filipino dancers. 

One of them was 11-year-old Michelle Celeste Garcia, the daughter of Filipino actor Patrick Garcia. 

“A moment I will forever remember! Being on stage with you, IU, was a privilege! Thank you so much!!!!!” Michelle posted on Instagram. 

Patrick wrote, “This is only the beginning baby girl! We are proud of you @michellecelestemgarcia.” 


Michelle Celeste Garcia, the daughter of Filipino actor Patrick Garcia, was selected as one of the young dancers who performed with IU on June 1 (Instagram)


The concert marked IU’s return to the Philippines in over four years since her “Love, Poem” tour in Manila on Dec. 13, 2019 at the Araneta Coliseum. 

During the HEREH concert, which ran for a little over three hours, IU again showed her excellent voice and her rapport with the audience. 

After “Holssi,” IU sang “Jam Jam,” “Ah Puh,” “Bbibbi,” “Obliviate,” “Celebrity,” “Blueming,” “Eight,” “Coin” and “I Stan U.” 

“It’s amazing! Na-miss ko kayong lahat (I missed all of you). It’s so amazing. Grabe! Masaya ako (I am happy). Well, I did prepare my heart before coming here somehow. But your screams go beyond my expectations,” said IU. 

She showed a photo album from her mom that was given to fans, saying, “It’s a gift from my mom to everyone. Itago ninyo ng mabuti (Hide it well).”

Under the Romantic part of the concert, IU performed “Havana,” “Meaning of You,” “Pasilyo” and “Through The Night.”




IU holding banners made by Filipino fans (X)

“I think I was back in Manila five years ago. It’s my first time to see this many Maenas. Five years ago, there were fewer Maenas but because of your screams, we almost didn’t hear a thing,” said IU. 

IU experienced it again at the HEREH concert in the country. The screams and cheers inside the Philippine Arena were so loud that IU said it was her first time experiencing it ever. 

“But maybe because it’s my first time ever to hear this much screams and support that you are giving me, it seems that this is the first time that I experienced this,” she said.  

She added, ‘It’s the first time since I was born to hear this much screams and support. You are not only good at  screaming but also at singing. The opening was very, very good, you were great by almost 200 percent.” 

The audience sang along with IU when she performed “Meaning of You” and she told them, “Manila, Manila, Manila, Manila! Wow it’s really Manila. Ito’y langit. Mahal ko kayo (This is heaven. I love you). It was a beautiful voice.”  

Under the Ecstatic part, she performed “Shopper,” “Above the Time,” “You & I” and “Love Wins All.” 

After singing “You & I,” IU told the audience, “You are so good. I think it’s really beyond being so good. This is really like heaven. Kayo ang langit ko (You are my heaven). You are really beyond my imagination, Manila.” 

“And because you are showing me enormous love, perhaps I should make a law that says I have to be here for a month like a staycation in Manila every year. Next time I promise that I will come back soon. If I come back, your voices should also be this loud,” she said.  

She said, “Manila you’ve always shown me beyond my imagination what love is today. Not only did I see but I felt true love. Thank you everyone.”


For the encore, IU performed “Shh..,” “Twenty-Three” and “Holssi.” 

“And the timing for shouting the encore, among the tours and countries that I have been to, you are actually the perfect. You are the first,” she noted.  

IU added, “It was perfectly kind that you could rest a little bit, you gave me time to change clothes. I’m rating you as a 300-point audience. We started it 200 points and now we are ending it with 300 points.”

“LIke I promised earlier, I do make myself committed but I will not take five years before coming back. I’m really, really happy tonight. Napakasaya ko. Ingat. Bawal magkasakit (I’m so happy. Take care. Do not get sick),” she said. 

When the audience sang along to IU’s “Good Day,” she was surprised, saying, “Was this really possible? I’ve been singing this song for almost a decade and this is the first time that I was surprised like this. Which is really, really amazing.” 

“I think you did not sing the verses, perhaps you thought ‘the verses were easy so we will just sing the chorus.’ I can really say that you came here to do the three high tones of the song, right? Thank you so much. It was the very best day that I will never forget,” she said. 










The crowd lining up to enter the Philippine Arena for IU's concert on June 1 (Jonathan Hicap) 


For the “en-encore,” IU sang “Someday,” “Give You My Heart,” “My Sea,” “Lilac,” “Strawberry Moon”, “Well…” and “Palette.” 

“I really had so much fun with you guys. Do you know how happy I am? I want to come back next month. I hope we can see each other very soon. I really want to tell you, do not get sick. I hope you are always happy. Please don’t forget me,” said IU. 

IU’s HEREH World Tour Concert at the Philippine Arena was presented by EDAM Entertainment,  Kong Yeon Team, Pulp Live World, and Happee Hour. 



IU’s HEREH World Tour Concert 

June 1, 2024, Philippine Arena, Bulacan 


1. Holssi 

2. Jam Jam 

3. Ah Puh 

4. Bbibbi 

5. Obliviate 

6. Celebrity 

7. Blueming 

8. Eight 

9. Coin 

10. I Stan U 

11. Havana 

12. Meaning of You 

13. Pasilyo (cover song) 

14. Through The Night 

15. Shopper 

16. Above The Time 

17. You & I 

18. Love Wins All 

19. Shh.. 

20. Twenty-Three 

21. Holssi 

22. Someday 

23. Give Me My Heart

24. My Sea 

25. Lilac

26. Strawberry Moon 

27. Well… / You Know

28. Palette