The best style moments we saw at Rampa Manila 2

Filipino designers presented their latest creations in celebration of Manila City’s 453rd founding anniversary

For many Filipino designers, their journey starting in the industry wouldn't be complete without a trip to Divisoria. A market known far and wide in the Philippines, Divisoria is home to many goods at budget-friendly prices. Whatever one needs, there is a stall for it. Among its top products are textiles, embellishments, and other materials a dressmaker or designer needs. That’s why the City of Manila dedicated its second edition of Rampa Manila to Divisoria, recognizing its legacy in the local fashion landscape.

Manila City vice mayor Yul Servo, Manila City mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan with fashion designers Val Taguba, Jhobes Estrella, Neric Beltran, Marc Rancy, and Anthony Ramirez (Photo from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Manila City Mayor  Sheila "Honey" Lacuna-Pangan spearheaded this year’s Rampa Manila. Together with the show’s creative director, Bang Pineda, they played with the theme “Textile, Texture, and Technique,” with a mission to showcase the best designers in today’s fashion scene and the up-and-coming talents people should have on their radar.

Dhenyze Guevara, Joanna Santos, and Morissette Magalona (Photo from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

On June 19, Rampa Manila invited the capital’s most stylish crowd to witness its grandest edition yet. While the guests arrived wearing their chicest black ensembles, the Bulwagang Rodriguez of Manila City Hall was dressed in ethereal white, ready to be the black canvas for the designers’ creations.

Morissette Magalona's collection (Photo from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Morissette Magalona

Morisette Magalona’s collection is where traditional style meets a space-age vibe. The young designer added a futuristic twist on the Filipiniana, while still paying homage to the country’s national emblems. His “Carabao” and “Philippine Eagle” pieces exuded power with their structures and contours. His “Bangus” design was striking with its subtle sheen, curved lines, and modern silhouette.

Dhenyze Guevara's collection (Photo from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Dhenyze Guevara

Bold and maximalist was Dhenyze Guevara’s collection. As a young designer who likes to break the norms in fashion, she often takes inspiration from unlikely sources and creates clothing equivalent to art. Her piece, inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, explored a romantic and Filipino take on the horror flick. While barong ensemble with faux fur trims and terno gown with gigantic sleeves put a fun spin on the traditional pieces.

Joanna Santos' collection (Photo from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Joanna Santos

Joanna Santos' collection was inspired by the feeling of losing a loved one. Her collection is a poignant display of flounce, ruffles, and other fabric manipulation, mirroring the sense of finding beauty even in the most challenging times. A highlight of the collection was her way of textiles to produce new patterns and textures.

Val Taguba's collection (Photos from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Val Taguba

Seasoned fashion designer Val Taguba brought opulence to the runway of Rampa Manila 2. His show was graced by iridescent goddesses, dressed in his intricately designed couture pieces, complete with veils for added drama.

Jhobes Estrella's collection (Photos from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Jhobes Estrella

Designer Jhobes Estrella’s collection was all about timeless beauty, luxury, and restraint. He presented a collection of barong and terno pieces dotted with floral appliques, elegant draping, and botanical embroidery.

Neric Beltran's collection (Photos from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Neric Beltran

Neric Beltran’s collection chronicled his time as a florist. Dubbed “Dangwa,” the collection was a parade of colors and all sorts of embellishments, making it a joy to witness. Menswear was reimagined with luxe tailored pieces and skirts in pastels, sequins, eyelets, and trims. His women’s pieces had the same vibe, only they explored volume through billowing boleros, disco-ready frocks, and floral beadwork.

Marc Rancy's collection (Photos from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Marc Rancy

Dreamy and delicate was Marc Rancy’s showcase for Rampa Manila 2. His collection was an ode to ballet, and like the artistic dance form, it was a celebration of form, graceful movement, and fine details. Present on the runway were suits, cocktail dresses, and layered ensembles—all in blush and white—adorned with sheer materials, floral appliques, and fringe.

Anthony Ramirez's collection (Photos from Manila Public Information Office/Facebook)

Anthony Ramirez

For Rampa Manila 2, Anthony Ramirez put the spotlight on local tapestries, particularly the Abel Bangar. His goal was to introduce it to the international market. To do that, he reimagined the textile into pieces fit for the modern woman. What he sent down the runway were dresses with sarong-like skirts, gowns with floral details and wild fringes, and tailored jackets with a feminine touch.

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