NIKI releases astrologically-inspired single 'Blue Moon' new album buzz out Aug. 9


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    Jakarta-born, LA-based singer-songwriter NIKI revealed a new single titled “Blue Moon.” It follows the announcement of her upcoming album Buzz, out Aug. 9 via 88rising and flirtatious lead single “Too Much Of A Good Thing.”
    The single, "Blue Moon," was crafted by NIKI during her 2023 Nicole World Tour in the aftermath of a four-year relationship. The term' Blue Moon' in astrology refers to a cosmic rarity, often associated with heightened clarity. 

    NIKI, in a stroke of creative brilliance, taps into this energy, sharing her experience with vulnerability and openness, making this single a unique and compelling addition to her discography.
    NIKI says "I wrote Blue Moon lamenting the slow, then sudden demise of a truly significant relationship. It’s about the deepest and rarest of loves we might stumble upon (once in the bluest of moons, if we’re lucky), and then realizing we’d stumbled upon it too early for it to stand a chance. It’s that classic trope of right person, wrong time."

    "Blue Moon" is a testament to NIKI's versatility and talent, as she not only lent her vocals but also contributed to the drums, guitar, and piano. The single is a collaborative effort, co-produced with her close friend and collaborator Ethan Gruska. 

    Blue Moon MV Still.png

    The song is further elevated by the heart-wrenching violin, viola, and string arrangements from the renowned multi-instrumentalist Rob Moose, known for his work with  Bon Iver, The National, St. Vincent, and many more, adding a layer of depth and emotion to the track.

    The accompanying music video, directed by Ivana Bobic, combines the moody undertones of NIKI’s lyrics with a scene reminiscent of the flying house in The Wizard of Oz. While writing the song, NIKI kept The Wizard of Oz in mind when imagining "the cruelest cyclone," throwing the circumstances around the relationship into chaos.

    In celebration of the forthcoming album, NIKI will embark on her biggest tour spanning 41 markets in North America, Europe, the UK, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

    What eventually became Buzz, the third studio album by singer-songwriter and globally renowned star NIKI, started with an urgent quake from the innermost core of her being. What surfaced in its wake was a collection of warm, stirring folk-rock songs, which crackle and flare like a bonfire between close confidantes. “I went through an identity crisis,” says the 25-year-old of Buzz. “It took a lot of trial and error, and I just stumbled upon pieces of myself along the way. I named it Buzz because it feels like I'm on the precipice of something about to happen.”

    For NIKI, things have been happening progressively since she was a high schooler in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a student at an international academy, she cut her teeth scribbling lovesick poems in English class and performed acoustic guitar covers of American pop songs on YouTube. With a six-string in hand, and her family and classmates cheering her on from the audience, Nicole Zefanya then staked her claim to global stardom as NIKI.