NewJeans’ Hyein to participate in Tokyo fan meeting while recovering from microfracture


Korean agency ADOR announced that NewJeans’ member Hyein will be participating in the group’s Tokyo fan meeting next week as she continues recovery from the microfracture injury in her foot. 

In May, ADOR announced that in April, “Hyein felt pain in the top of her foot during practice. She visited the hospital, where she underwent a thorough examination and discovered a microfracture in her foot.” 




NewJeans' Hyein (X)

According to the Feet People website, “Stress fractures are tiny cracks in the bone (microfractures) that develop gradually overtime. Usually due to overuse or repetitive activity that restricts the bone from healing.”

In an announcement on June 20, ADOR stated that “ever since a microfracture was discovered on the top of her foot in April, Hyein has been focusing on treatment and recovery.”

“A recent examination confirmed that the fracture is healing well, and it has been recommended that she gradually increase her foot movement over the next month,” it said. 

It added, “Based on the medical team’s advice and after thorough discussions with the other members, Hyein is scheduled to participate in ‘Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome’ on June 26 and 27.” 

“However, as she needs a sufficient rehabilitation period, ADOR is currently adjusting Hyein’s level of participation to avoid straining her injury during her interactions with fans,” it said. 

ADOR said, “Consequently, she will be taking part in the performances to a limited extent.” 

“We appreciate your understanding on this matter. We also ask for your understanding that she will not be active or participating in the official ‘Supernatural’ promotions in Japan, including music shows and other performances, for the same reasons,” the agency said. 

The agency added, “However, depending on Hyein’s condition and the medical team’s advice, she plans to engage as much as possible in activities other than music shows and performances. We are committed to ensuring that NewJeans can perform as a full group in upcoming music shows in South Korea.”

“We express our sincere gratitude for your concerns about Hyein’s health. She will return to official activities once she receives medical clearance that she has fully recovered. We ask for your continued support,” ADOR stated.