KDLex celebrates concert success, excited for future acting and music endeavors


At a glance

    KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad

    From gracing the Pinoy Big Brother house to a jam-packed Add to Heart KDLEX concert last May 31 at the Music Museum, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad, collectively known as KDLex, proved their ability to captivate a crowd with their talent and proved that they are billed as the Hottest Musical Pair’.

    KDLex delivered a series of swoon-worthy performances that left their fans, the Sweethearts, flustered. They graced the concert stage with individual and duo performances, with KD showcasing his guitar prowess as he serenaded the crowd and Alexa’s stunning vocals leaving the audience in awe.

    “The adrenaline rush that it gives, malaking boost ‘yun sa performance namin. Nakaka-hype talaga if you see them. It’s priceless when you get to see their reactions,” Alexa shared, acknowledging how different the concert was in comparison to their first online concert in 2022.

    The concert also featured guest singers who performed alongside KDLex. KD delivered a memorable duet with Bugoy Drilon, while Alexa shined in her performance with her We Love OPM mentor, Yeng Constantino. “Si Kuya Bugoy was an inspiration since I was 16 when I started singing. Nakikita ko yung BuDaKhel, and ‘dun ako natuto mag-harmonize, mag-runs. In a way, I kind of adapted their singing style which is more of R&B and Pop. It’s a childhood dream of mine to work with one of them,” KD shared about his collaborations.

    Both KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad have shown their versatility through singing, performing, and acting, or doing them all together. They starred in their first theater role by playing Julia and Tenyong in Walang Aray under PETA, a modern adaptation of Walang Sugat, for which Alexa scored a female-lead nomination in the Gawad Buhay Awards. 

    The two have also cited their theater experience as a contributor to their growth as artists. “It helped me open up my voice. I had to learn how to sing from the chest and project my voice so that the audience would hear me,” KD shared.

    With the success of their recent concert “Add to Heart: KDLex in Concert” and their successful acting projects, the duo shows no signs of slowing down as they embark and hope for more projects, both individually and as a pair. When asked about future projects, whether individually or as a loveteam, KD expressed uncertainty about the possibilities of a music release within the year but vows to continue on his craft. “I’ll continue working on my music. Kahit anong mangyari sa career ko, it is something I will always go back to,” KD said.

    While Alexa confirms that the music video of her unreleased song, “Kung Naging Tayo” is in the works, she shared being more hands-on with the creative process of its music video and realizing in the process her role as a creative. “Narealize ko that I am a good creative until I realized sobra akong mag-conceptualize. For the music video, I told them that I want it to be devastating. I want people to relate and cry. I really have a vision.” Alexa added.

    Following this massive feat for the pair and their fans, KD and Alexa promise that this is just the beginning of their journey and vow to continue working on their artistry as they mold their craft individually and as a pair.