Rampa Manila ushers in the future of Filipino fashion spotlighting young designers

Showcase the ‘future of Filipino fashion’ by featuring creations from up-and-coming designers

Manila City continues to serve as the cradle of young talents in fashion design with the comeback of Rampa Manila on June 19. This much awaited fashion event is set to showcase the ‘future of Filipino fashion’ by featuring creations from up-and-coming designers Dhenyze Guevara, Joanna Santos, and Morissette Magalona. Them, alongside seasoned fashion designers Anthony Ramirez, Jhobes Estrella, Marc Rancy, Neric Beltran, and Val Taguba, who have made their mark in the industry.

Mayor Sheila “Honey” Lacuna, who spearheaded “Rampa Manila 2,” highlighted the importance of providing a platform like Rampa Manila for local talents. 

“It’s very important kasi sila ‘yung magiging ‘Future ng Fashion.’ Tulad ng Manila Film Festival, magsisilbing platporma rin ang Rampa Manila para itanghal ang mga talento ng kabataang Pilipino sa pagdisenyo,” she shared. 

Mayor Lacuna added that Rampa Manila aims to raise the bar of fashion design in the Philippines and open up opportunities for the youth to enter the industry.  

L-R_ Morisette Magalona, Dhenyze Guevarra, Joanna Santos.JPG
Morisette Magalona, Dhenyze Guevarra and Joanna Santos

As they prepared for the event, the young fashion designers took time to contemplate on the significance of the Rampa Manila stage for budding artists. Joanna Santos described the fashion event as “incredibly significant” to a young designer like herself. Besides presenting her craftsmanship, she said that Rampa Manila will help her enter the local fashion industry by building networks with industry professionals, potential clients, and fellow designers. 

Santos, who is about to graduate with a degree in AB in Fashion Design Technology, has honed her design aesthetic at iAcademy by using fabric manipulation and unique draping techniques to craft avant-garde couture designs with bold silhouettes and intricate details.

Dhenyze Guevara, 22, expressed her honor at being invited to participate in the event and emphasized the privilege of showcasing her creativity to the nation. She urged her peers interested in fashion design to always put their best foot forward, saying, “Everything you make is an extension of yourself, and you must always make sure that you’re creating something you will always be proud of.”

Inspired by renowned houses like Alexander McQueen and Schiaparelli, Guevara strives for eccentricity and uniqueness in her creations. Her design aesthetic is described as structural, avant-garde, and often surrealist in nature. After Rampa Manila, she will take the Philippine flag to New York, where she was invited to present her collection at the Asian New York Fashion Week this September. 

Morisette Magalona advised new designers to discover and commit to their branding and identity as artists. Originally an architect, he found his passion in fashion design. Magalona draws inspiration from his architectural roots and incorporates unconventional materials and techniques in his structured design aesthetic. The designer is on a mission to modernize the classic Filipiniana with his unique touch, calling this the ‘Futurista Filipiniana.’

Left to Right_ Morisette Magalona, Dhenyze Guevara, Joanna Santos.JPG
Morisette Magalona, Dhenyze Guevara and Joanna Santos

The young designers all shared common sentiments. They expressed their gratitude to Manila City and Rampa Manila for thrusting them as the future of Filipino fashion. The budding designers added that through the event they hope to inspire aspiring artists and peers to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

Witness the personification of brilliant young minds through Guevara, Santos, and Magalona at "Rampa Manila 2," happening at Bulwagang Rodriguez, Manila City Hall. This lineup of young designers proves how Manila champions the local fashion industry and nurtures budding artists as the future superstars of Filipino fashion.

Rampa Manila 2 is made possible through the generosity of major sponsors, Angkas, WH Jewelry, SM Supermalls, The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, and Chef Vince Culinary Group.