PCG conducts medical evacuation for injured Chinese man; netizens react


PCG medevac.jpg
Mr. Zhang Donggou, a Chinese national, is rescued by personnel of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) after sustaining a head injury while onboard Chinese merchant ship Shi Dailo off the coast of Zamboanga City on June 10, 2024. (Photo by PCG)

A Chinese man who accidentally fell while onboard a merchant ship was rescued by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), it was reported on Friday, June 14.

The PCG identified the patient as Zhang Donggou, who sustained a head injury after falling on the accommodation B-Deck of Chinese vessel “Shi Dailo”, which was sailing off the coast of Zamboanga City last June 10.

According to the PCG, it received information from the National Maritime Center that Shi Dailo was requesting for a medical evacuation for a man who injured himself onboard the vessel.

The PCG deployed multi-role response vessel BRP Capones (MRRV-4404) to rescue the injured Chinese man.

Upon their arrival at the Ben Go Wharf in Zamboanga City, a team comprised of medical professionals from the Coast Guard District Southwestern Mindanao and Special Operations Unit-Southwestern Mindanao transferred Zhang to a nearby hospital.

En route to the hospital, the PCG's medical team provided essential treatment, including wound cleaning and vital sign monitoring to the patient, the PCG said.

“The successful medical evacuation highlights cooperation and empathy in times of crisis, emphasizing our shared humanity. The PCG's response embodies the Filipino spirit of bayanihan which resonates its commitment to humanitarian principles,” the Coast Guard District Southwestern Mindanao said. 

On social media, netizens praised the PCG for saving the life of the Chinese man.

“Very impressive. The PCG's response embodies the Filipino spirit of bayanihan!” a social media user shared.

Another one said that the China Coast Guard should learn from the PCG’s compassion.

It can be recalled that CCG boats obstructed a medical evacuation of sick personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Ayungin (Second Thomas) Shoal on May 19. 

“That’s the true mandate of the PCG, unlike what the CCG does,” a Facebook user said.