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It’s common knowledge that reading makes us more intelligent, imaginative, and expands our vocabulary.  Did you know that something as simple as reading aloud to children can have a profound impact on their development?  A 1985 report from Becoming a Nation of Readers highlights it as 'the single most important activity for building knowledge for their eventual success in reading'.  One study discovered that kindergarten children who were read to at least three times a week had significantly higher phonemic awareness compared to those who were read to less frequently. Thanks to the recent launch of Storytimely, reading and storytelling has become more fun and effortless!

Storytimely is the first storytelling service that delivers bedtime stories to parents' emails daily. Parents eager to elevate their children's bedtime routines every night are greeted with a new story filled with adventure and imagination. This creates a sense of mystery for the parent and the kid, as they have no idea what the story will be about, waiting in anticipation to unwrap the adventure that awaits them.




Bedtime routines are often overlooked, but Storytimely's mission is to transform bedtime into a routine filled with laughter, wonder, and moving tales that create a meaningful connection between parents and their children. Sheryl Coronel, Storytimely's creator and Head of Marketing at Alfafusion, a Manila-based AI agency, shared, "We're thrilled to see the incredible response from parents worldwide who are embracing Storytimely as part of their nightly routines." She added, "Our platform is designed to make bedtime a magical experience, fostering unforgettable moments between parents and children while instilling a love for literature from an early age."

What are the benefits of joining Storytimely?

  1. You get access to enchanting bedtime stories. Storytimely's variety of stories promises an unforgettable experience. From Jack and the Beanstalk to The Three Blind Mice, every tale encourages readers to immerse in the fictional world.
  2. Storytimely knows the importance of values. Every story instills life lessons like kindness, courage, and empathy. At the end of the story, there are questions about the tale that open the floor for a productive discussion. It also encourages the children to come up with other questions that their parents can help them find the answers to.
  3. Convenient delivery. Stories are delivered directly to your inbox, making it easier to enjoy bedtime routines without any hassle. Parents no longer have to scroll through so many stories and choose the right one, as Storytimely gives you a new story every night.


Does Storytimely have paperbacks or printed e-storybooks?

Storytimely does not offer printed versions of their tales, but that's definitely an option in the future. So, for kids who prefer physical books, don't lose hope! Soon enough, you'll have Storytimely's fun tales in your hands. 

Does Storytimely do custom stories?

Just when you thought Storytimely couldn't get any cooler, they also do custom stories! Imagine having a book made specifically for you? If you would like a story crafted for your child, reach out to [email protected], and their Story Team will get in touch with you to create a unique story for your little one. (Pro tip: This also makes a great gift for young bookworms.)

Is Storytimely free?

Storytimely is completely free of charge, meaning you'll have access to all of their stories without having to drop a dime. However, they will launch Premium accounts soon, opening the door to a new world of adventure: an expanded library of stories, interactive content, and audio narrations. 

How do we sign up for Storytimely?

  1. Visit www.storytimely.com.
  2. Enter your email for free stories.
  3. Verify your email. Make sure to check your spam folder too.
  4. Wait for the story to be delivered to your inbox.

It's that simple! Storytimely means it when they say it's an effortless routine. 

Enjoy Your New Bedtime Routine




It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of our everyday life, but incorporating this activity into your evening routine fosters a good relationship between parents and their children. Storytimely doesn't just entertain with immersive storytelling and values education—it also teaches essential life lessons, helping young listeners develop empathy, courage, and resilience.

With Storytimely's library of captivating tales and exclusive pre-launch access for early subscribers, families can enjoy extraordinary bedtime adventures like never before. Getting stories directly in their inbox makes bedtime routines easy and ensures quality bonding time without hassle.

Are you excited for your first Storytimely tale?