After Geneva conference, House leader vows better labor situation for workers 


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    IMG-cebbbaa515cb7a51e55391a9db945cf1-V.jpgDeputy Majority Leader Tingog Party-list Rep. Jude Acidre (PPAB)









    Deputy Majority Leader Tingog Party-list Rep. Jude Acidre has promised a better labor situation in the Philippines that leans toward the workers themselves. 

    Acidre, chairman of the House Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs, had this to say Friday, June 14 at the conclusion of the 112th Session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. 

    "Our country is committed in ensuring the protection and upholding of the rights of our labor force. We understand that there is a careful balance that needs to be struck among the government, employer and employees. But our labor policies should always bend on the side of social justice," said the solon, who led the Philippine delegation composed of fellow House of Representatives members, labor unions, and employers. 

    "As policymakers, we are committed to exploring innovative ways to accurately determine the living wage, ensuring that every worker is fairly compensated for their labor and can lead a life of dignity and security,” noted Acidre. 

    Annually, representatives from all of the member states of the International Labour Organization—governments, corporations, and labor unions—gather at the International Labour Conference to deliberate and establish global labor standards and policies, as well as to assess the advancements achieved in the global promotion of decent working conditions and social justice. 

    "Our government’s attendance to this conference signifies our continuing commitment to uphold our international obligation," he added. 

    The conference, which began on June 3, included in its agenda protection against biological hazards, strategic objectives of fundamental principles and rights at work, and decent work and the care economy. 

    Acidre said the conference "which brings together a varied range of viewpoints and experts from around the globe to address the most critical labor issues of our time, is an essential platform for advancing social justice and supporting good work for all". 

    He  also shared that the care economy has been increasingly recognized for its crucial role in sustaining societies and economies worldwide. As populations age and family structures evolve, the demand for care services, such as childcare, eldercare, and healthcare, continues to rise. 

    "This sector predominantly comprises women, who often face challenges in accessing decent work conditions and fair wages. We acknowledge the significance of the care economy and are implementing various measures to improve conditions for care workers and ensure that they receive a living wage," he Visayan said.