Shaping the future of interior design excellence

Providing attendees with a firsthand look at the environment that nurtures creativity and innovation at PSID

The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) held its Open House event on June 1 at the PSID Ahlen Institute in Taguig City. The event attracted aspiring interior designers, industry professionals, and design enthusiasts eager to explore interior design and learn from PSID’s faculty and students.

The event began with a guided tour of PSID's facilities, including classrooms, drafting rooms, the library, the Design Spectrum presentation room, and the French Room multi-purpose social hall. This provided attendees with a firsthand look at the environment that nurtures creativity and innovation at PSID.

Idr. Pojie Pambid, vice president for Academic Affairs, emphasized the importance of showcasing the institution’s resources, stating, "Our facilities are designed to foster a learning environment that encourages creativity and practical application. Seeing our students' and visitors' enthusiastic responses reaffirms our commitment to providing top-tier education in interior design."

Current students Marese Coco and Nadine Javier shared their experiences, highlighting their progression from simple projects to more complex designs.

The event featured an Alumni Talk by Idr. Nikko Sotoridona and Idr. Mark Steven Perez of Empire Designs. They shared their journey from graduating in 2008 to leading high-end residential and commercial projects. Perez noted, “PSID provided a solid foundation in both technical and creative aspects of interior design, sharpening my skills and instilling confidence.”

Sotoridona, who recently launched his firm, Studio Aleia, credited his success to the comprehensive education and mentorship at PSID. "PSID empowered us to become leaders and innovators in the field," he said.

Pambid highlighted PSID's legacy as a leader in Philippine interior design education, reiterating, "Our mission is to provide a holistic education combining technical expertise, theoretical knowledge, and real-world application. We are proud of our graduates who contribute significantly to the field of interior design."