900,000 people watched BTS Jin’s first live broadcast after discharge from military

At a glance

  • The Philippines placed in the top 10 countries that viewed his Weverse live stream

A total of 900,093 people from different countries including the Philippines watched BTS member Jin’s first live broadcast just a few hours after he was discharged from the military on June 12

After one year and six months, Jin was discharged from the 5th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. 

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BTS' Jin doing a live broadcast on Weverse on June 12 after his discharge from the military in South Korea (Screenshots from Weverse video)

He enlisted on Dec. 13, 2022 and served as an active-duty soldier in the Korean Army, finishing his stint as a sergeant.  

After he was discharged on the morning of June 12, he went to the HYBE headquarters in Yongsan, Seoul and held a live broadcast on the Weverse app wearing his uniform. 

It was his first live broadcast since holding the same on his birthday on Dec. 4, 2022. 

Jin’s Weverse live broadcast on June 12 garnered total views of 3,538,305, and was watched by 900,093 concurrent viewers. 

The live broadcast was viewed in 211 countries and regions, and was liked 119.45 million times, Korean media reported. 

The Philippines placed seventh among the top 10 countries that watched the live broadcast. 

The top 10 countries that viewed Jin’s live broadcast were Mexico (12.4 percent), Indonesia (11.3 percent), Japan (10.2 percent), US (9.5 percent), Brazil (7.3 percent), India (5.8 percent), Philippines (5.4 percent), South Korea (4.2 percent), Peru (2.8 percent) and Colombia (2.5 percent).

During the live broadcast, he talked about his experience in the military and the hug event, which he held on June 13. 

“I cried when I got discharged today. My eyes are puffy. I'm confident with my face but not today. My members [BTS] came to congratulate me. I was surprised by how all the staff of HYBE welcomed me as I came into the building. They had a sign that says, ‘Jin, congrats for being discharged.’ There was champagne, balloons and flowers,” he said. 

He added, “I was delighted and I cried even…I cried twice. I didn't want to. As a soldier, I told other soldiers ‘Don't cry, everyone. I'll cry if you do. ‘Never cry.’ We spent more than a year together so they burst into tears. I also cried with them.” 

“I don't mean to brag but I did so well in there. It was like...Normal troops are called soldiers and upper classes, all the sergeants and lieutenants, are commissioned officers. I kept the harmony between the three parties so my company had great vibes. So everyone cried when I left,” he said. 

According to Jin, “I forgot what I said. That's why I cried twice and my face got puffy.” 

Jin narrated that “oddly enough I was number 46 when I was a private. And there was 45. His name was Kim Seokjin too. We both became assistant instructors. They called our names twice in a row. I thought they said it wrong.” 

“I love you, ARMY,” he said.