Swiss Ambassador Highlights 2024 Key Priorities

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Ambassador Dr. Nicolas Brühl of the Swiss Embassy leads the discussion with Assistant to the Deputy Head of Mission & Cultural Officer Amaris Javillonar, Communication Officer Sofia
Santelices, Deputy Head of Mission Thimon Furst, and Head of Economic and Trade Advisory
Kent Marjun Primor.

On June 04, 2024, Swiss Ambassador Dr. Nicolas Brühl outlined four key priorities that will shape Swiss-Philippine relations in the coming year. Addressing the media community, Ambassador Brühl emphasized Switzerland’s commitment to fostering strong bilateral ties and promoting mutual growth in various sectors. 

He underscored the importance of the Swiss community in the Philippines,
highlighting ongoing efforts to support Swiss nationals and integrate them into local society, stressing that Switzerland is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of its citizens abroad while fostering a sense of unity and belonging.

Focusing on economic relations, the Ambassador pointed to the robust trade and investment connections between Switzerland and the Philippines. He noted that the Swiss economy, known for its innovation and sustainability, offers significant opportunities for collaboration and aims to enhance this relationship further, creating more avenues for economic growth and stability. In keeping with Switzerland’s role in global peace efforts, the Ambassador reiterated his country’s commitment to supporting the peace process in the Philippines, emphasizing Switzerland's long-standing tradition of neutrality and peacebuilding.

Human rights remain a cornerstone of Swiss foreign policy, and Ambassador Brühl emphasized ongoing initiatives to uphold human rights standards and collaborate with the Philippines on related issues. He reaffirmed Switzerland's belief in the universal application of human rights and its commitment to working with partners to promote and protect these values.

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Communication Officer Sofia Santelices

Additionally, the Ambassador unveiled an exciting lineup of cultural and innovation events scheduled for 2024, including the Heidi Bucher Exhibit, celebrating the renowned Swiss artist; the Day of the Future, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and future trends; and the Swiss Innovation Prize
Competition, encouraging creativity and technological advancements to foster collaboration between Swiss and Filipino innovators.

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Head of Economic and Trade Advisory Kent Marjun Primor

In his speech, Ambassador Brühl emphasized the enduring relationship between Switzerland and the media community. He spoke of Switzerland’s dedication to innovation, global peace, and sustainability, sharing insights into Switzerland’s contributions on the global stage and in the Philippines. 

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Deputy Head of Mission Thimon Furst

He stressed the importance of enhancing understanding and strengthening the relationship between the Swiss Embassy and European media organizations through meaningful interactions and the provision of accurate and up-to-date information about Switzerland's key areas of interest.

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Members of the media attend briefing by the Swiss embassy.

Ambassador Brühl concluded the briefing by expressing his gratitude to the attendees for their role in informing and educating the public, looking forward to fruitful discussions and exchanges, followed by a reception that allowed further interaction, reinforcing the strong ties between Switzerland and the media community.

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Manila Bulletin’s Badette Cunanan with Marbee Shing-Go of Daily Tribune