Pimentel wishes for nation's freedom from modern day enemies on Independence Day


Senate Minority Leader Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III hopes that the Philippines and its citizens will be freed from the burden of inflation, joblessness, poverty, corruption, and crime ahead of commemorating the country's 126th Independence Day.

"I join the entire nation in commemorating our country's Independence Day. This is a momentous occasion to cherish the birth of our Republic and reflect on the sacrifices made by our forefathers," he said in his message on Tuesday, June 11.

"As we celebrate this day, let us also commit ourselves to preserving the spirit of freedom and independence for future generations," he added.

Pimented said that this occasion may serve as a reminder of the challenges faced by the country today such as inflation, joblessness, poverty, corruption, and crime which are the modern-day enemies that must be overcome.

"Let us fight for salary hikes that reflect the true cost of living and give dignity to each hardworking Filipino. Let us put an end to corruption. Let us address joblessness and poverty as a nation. Let us work together to make our country safer for its people," he said.

"May the nation and its people be freed from these burdens. Together, let us build a nation that embodies the true essence of freedom—one that is prosperous, just, and inclusive for all," he added.