Man punches 3 women in Cebu City for being pretty

CEBU CITY – His dislike for pretty ladies has put a man in serious trouble.


A WOMAN’S eye is badly bruised after she was punched by a man whom he met by chance on a road in Cebu City on Sunday, June 9. (Calvin D. Cordova)

A 37-year-old man was arrested by the police after he assaulted three women whom he chanced upon in various areas here on Sunday night, June 9.

The suspect assaulted the three women for no apparent reason, police said.

Reporters asked the suspect what drove him to assault the women but he did not respond.

Inside his cell at the Abellana Police Station, some inmates asked him what prompted him to assault the women.

The man said he just dislikes pretty ladies as he considers them “fake.”

The random attack first happened on D. Jakosalem St. around 6:35 p.m.

Police said the man elbowed a woman and hit her in the right eye. The woman was hit in the right eye.

"I really hope that he goes to jail. I was traumatized by the incident. I am afraid now to walk alone after what happened,” the first victim said.

Around five minutes after the incident, a woman was punched in the nose by the same man on the same street.

The second victim said she had just disembarked from a passenger jeepney. She said she was walking while wiping the moisture off her eyeglasses when she was suddenly punched in the nose by the man.

“I am determined to file a case because no one deserves to experience what we went through,” the second victim said.

Around 7 p.m., another woman fell prey to the man’s violent behavior.

The third victim had just completed jogging at Fuente Osmeña Circle and was already in a parking area when a man approached her and punched her in the face.

The third victim fell to the ground after being punched. Fortunately, she had a companion who assisted her after she felt groggy because of the blow.

The third incident was witnessed by bystanders who lynched the man and effected citizen’s arrest while waiting for police to arrive.

The suspect was positively identified by the three women.

Police said charges for multiple serious physical injury will be filed against the suspect.