Kim Ha-neul, Rain star in Disney+ drama ‘Red Swan’

Actress Kim Ha-neul and actor Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) will be headlining the upcoming Disney+ drama “Red Swan.” 

“Red Swan,” which will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on July 3, will have 10 episodes. 

In the drama, Goodwill Ambassador and former professional golfer Oh Wansoo (Kim Ha-neul) starts to fall in love with her mysterious bodyguard Seo Doyoon (Rain) after years of her husband’s infidelity. 

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Kim Ha-neul and Rain in "Red Swan" (Disney+)RedSwan1.jpg

The cast of "Red Swan" (Disney+)

While Oh Wansoo and her husband Kim Yongkook (Jung Gyu-woon) might seem like the perfect couple, there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye. 

The heir to one of Korea’s top conglomerates, Yongkook has long been unfaithful to Wansoo. Well aware of her husband’s affairs, Wansoo has worked hard to try and keep their marriage together, but when a mysterious new bodyguard appears as part of her protection detail, her loyalties will be tested for the first time. 

Somehow familiar, Seo Doyoon is sworn to keep Wansoo safe, but could his appearance and an ulterior motive end up threatening everything Wansoo has worked so hard for?

Kim Ha-neul is known for “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and “On Air” while Rain’s acting credits include “Ghost Doctor” and “Ninja Assassin” and Jung Gyu-woon starred in “The Spies” and “You Are Too Much.”

Also appearing in the drama is Seo Yisook (“Rookie Cops,” “Knight Flower”) as Park Miran, the CEO of the Hwain Group. 

The series is directed by Park Hongkyun (“A Korean Odyssey,” “Warm and Cozy”) and written by Choi Yoonjung (“Only Love,” “Three Sisters”).

“Red Swan” arrives on July 3, exclusively on Disney+.