Government workers' salary study nears completion

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) said it is in the final stages of conducting a compensation and benefits study targeted at evaluating potential salary adjustments for government workers. 

Budget Undersecretary Goddes Hope O. Libiran said the study, scheduled to be finalized before the end of this month, will review the current compensation system, including salaries, benefits, and allowances.

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By comparing these elements against the private sector, Libiran said the study seeks to establish a fair and sustainable pay structure that will enhance the welfare and productivity of state employees, taking into consideration the effects of inflation.

“The results of the study will likewise serve as the basis for making necessary changes in the Total Compensation Framework of civilian government personnel to ensure fair and timely salary adjustment for government workers,” Libiran said.

Once completed, the accepted study results will be presented by the consultant commissioned by the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) to both the DBM and the GCG for further review.

The DBM has expressed its preparedness to facilitate the implementation of the salary adjustments once approved, aiming to provide a competitive and equitable compensation package for civil servants. 

Funding for the implementation will be sought, subject to the availability of excess revenue collected by the national government.