Galderma Aesthetics, One Nadela Medical Group partner to promote healthy glowing skin

What makes Filipino skin glow, and how do we achieve hydrated and radiant skin from within?

What makes Filipino skin glow, and how do we achieve hydrated and radiant skin from within? Galderma, a leader in dermatology and skincare, seeks to answer this question by advancing their ongoing research and innovations in aesthetics for this year’s Skin Awareness Month.

As this global campaign unfolds, Galderma Injectable Aesthetics plays a vital role in the initiative, focusing on enhancing skin health through their acclaimed portfolio of injectable aesthetic brands, such as Restylane Skinboosters, and partnerships with various skin clinics across the country.

One Nadela Medical Group this June to experience the benefits of Restylane Skinboosters and take advantage of The Glow Referral Program

Michelle De Jesus, business unit head of Galderma Injectables and Aesthetics said, “Creating partnerships is grounded in a shared vision of enhancing skin health through scientific innovation and personalized care. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have on our patients, so they can glow through life.”

Partnership for Filipino skin 

In a new collaboration, Galderma Injectable Aesthetics is partnering with One Nadela Medical Group, a leading provider of aesthetic dermatology, lasers, and cosmetic surgery in Visayas and Mindanao, for Skin Awareness Month. Both organizations aim to optimize Filipino skin health by offering preventative measures and aesthetic options tailored to patients’ specific skin concerns. This partnership seeks to empower patients to make informed decisions about their health and beauty, fostering open communication between patients and doctors.

Photo shows (L-R): One Nadela Medical Group, Dr. Pal Athena Nadela-Digamon, Dr. Jule Yasser Kong and Dr. Vinizza Nina Nadela-Kong

“By joining forces with Galderma Aesthetics, we are bringing cutting-edge treatments like Restylane Skinboosters to our patients," said Dr. Viniza Niña Nadela-Kong, founder of One Nadela Medical Group. "This innovative treatment hydrates, smooths, and rejuvenates the skin from within, offering a unique approach to skincare that delivers deep hydration and improves skin quality with long-lasting results up to 15 months." 

Good skin for all

To further celebrate this launch, One Nadela Medical Group is introducing a 2+1 Glow Referral Program exclusively available until June 30, 2024. Patients who refer two new clients who will try the treatment at One Nadela Medical Group clinic will receive complimentary Restylane Skinboosters treatment, making these innovative skincare solutions even more accessible.

Jen Barangan, One Nadela Skinboosters ambassador and Kenn Dayandayan, content creator

Patients who have tried Restylane Skinboosters can’t help but rave about its fresh approach to skin rejuvenation. “I used to struggle with uneven skin tone and dull skin, but after a week of my Restylane Skinboosters treatment, the first thing I noticed was how hydrated my skin has become. I now have a very natural glow,” said One Nadela Skinboosters ambassador, Jen Barangan. “It has allowed me to stop wearing foundation.”

Meanwhile, content creator Kenn Dayandayan said that it helped him addressed some of his skin concerns. 

“My skin issue was post acne scars. But after my treatment, I noticed my scars really improved and it smoothens my skin texture," he shared. "And now, even if I don’t get enough sleep, I still have youthful, glowing skin.”