Smart where IT matters

HP print solution is a smart choice for businesses

Physical printing remains relevant for businesses in the Philippines in the age of digitization. 

From essential documents like contracts and invoices to marketing materials and collaborative aids, printing serves a multitude of purposes. In fact, findings from the HP Smart Where IT Matters Study show that over 44% of businesses see purchasing a printer as a step towards improving efficiency, highlighting its continued importance. 


HP Smart Tank 580 wireless All in One printer


The study, conducted by research firm Kantar and commissioned by HP, surveyed approximately 1,200 microbusiness owners to explore the dynamics of technology adoption in Southeast Asia. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) defines micro businesses as enterprises that have less than 10 employees. Meanwhile, those with 10 to 99 employees are considered small businesses. PSA recorded a total of 1,109,684 business enterprises operating in 2022. Micro and small businesses make up for 90.49% and 8.69%, of total establishments in the country, respectively. 

“Many of our transactions and communications are done through the internet using smart phones and laptops. Utilizing smart technologies can save time and the time we have saved can now go to other important aspects of the business and its purpose,” shares Desahleelo Nito, owner of Aurae Natura. Known for its uplifting diffuser blends, Aurae Natura uses carefully selected essential oils for specific purposes like sleep and relaxation. 

“Printers are very much part of our day-to-day operations especially in tracking and keeping our operations organized. We don’t produce a batch unless batch packing and manufacturing records are printed out for this helps ensure that the activities in the manufacturing facility are conducted correctly which translates to producing quality products for our consumers.”

The experience of Aurae Natura reflect the microbusinesses are making the most of technology where the return on income has been clear and obvious with 85% of microbusinesses in Southeast Asia using smartphones and tablets to run their business and 59% also using printers for business. 

For Jen Panelo, who runs a small ice cream shop called Mang Bert’s Special Ice Cream, printed materials are key. “We started producing printouts by going to the nearest computer shop,” she notes. “We need a printer to create promotional materials, order forms, and invoices.”  

Business growth brings increased interest in tech 

Meanwhile, the Department of Trade and Industry has noted that with enterprise growth comes an increased interest in technology as entrepreneurs look for solutions to optimize day-to-day operations. 

“We as business owners have to stay active or updated and do the majority ourselves,” states Ria Duque, owner of WildHeart Flower Shop + Café. “We can’t always rely on external suppliers to help run the business.” 

While interest is high, doubts also remain. According to HP, only 64% of micro businesses operating in the Philippines consider technology an essential tool in managing multiple business issues. Additionally, 67% of micro business owners perceived it difficult to keep up with constantly evolving technology and rising security threats. 

Anna Meloto-Wilk, President and Co-Founder of leading social enterprise Human Nature, provides an insightful perspective on how technology should aid enterprises “We'd love to have efficiency, speed, and high-techness, but since we cater to generations and are pro-poor, smart technology has to be user-friendly and intuitive. This way, it can immediately have a positive impact and benefit our people."

The introduction of smart printers is a prime example of how technology has evolved to meet the needs of businesses. In the past, printers were solely used to create work documents such as memos, receipts, invoices and even display materials. 


In photo: HP Smart Tank 580.


Today, smart printers like the HP Smart Tank line make it possible for users to streamline office operations and reduce the need for multiple devices. Features include printing remotely, saving documents directly to the cloud, as well as scan, fax and copy multiple pages into a single device.

The fresh line up of Smart Tank printers echo results of the survey which also revealed that business owners value simple and smart technology with 58% stating that the ability to print and scan directly using mobile gadgets is a highly valued feature, while 52% assess the ability to scan documents and share instantly on the cloud.

To enhance the user's experience, the printers showcase the HP Smart App enabling individuals to enjoy full capacity for mobile usage. The series also has automatic two-sided printing, saving users time and paper.

The HP Smart Tank Series provides an intelligent, seamless, and intuitive user experience with its all-in-one capabilities on advanced printing, scanning, and photocopying options. More than that, it has the following features that are ideal for business owners to use.

Smart Savings: Print more, waste less 

  • The HP Smart Tank 580 is able to print up to 6,000 black or colored pages uninterruptedly.
  • The HP Smart Tank 750 can print up to 8,000 black or 6,000 colored pages with its pre-filled ink, offering a less interrupted experience that helps entrepreneurs with bulk printing.
  • Sustainably made with 45% recycled content and the printer heads were manufactured using at least 75% recycled materials, which include ocean-bound plastics.
  • Both printer series come with an Energy-saving Auto On/Off technology requiring minimum effort from users.


Smart Maintenance: Easy-to-use 

  • An enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity that automatically detects and resolves connection issues.
  • ID copy button that automatically detects IDs and prints them. 
  • Both HP Smart Tank 580 and 750 offer affordable printhead for easy self-replacement.
  • Low-ink sensors to prevent paper waste and damages.
  • HP Smart Tanks offers 2-year home service warranty.


Smart Quality: Best everyday print quality 

  • HP Smart Tanks deliver superior print quality with sharper blacks and vibrant colors 


HP Smart Tank Printers are available on Lazada and Shopee. To learn more about how HP Smart Tank printers can help your business grow visit Make the Smart Choice today!