Celebrating 12 years of mobile photography excellence

Immerse in HUAWEI XMAGE 'A heartwarming world' photo exhibit in these locations in PH

HUAWEI XMAGE Gallery at SM City Cebu (Photo by John Dyeve Cortez)

A world where every moment of smile, laughter, peace, and every fleeting second of beauty can be captured and cherished forever is the world HUAWEI XMAGE invites everyone to explore through its photo exhibit, "A Heartwarming World-12 Years of HUAWEI Photography."

HUAWEI XMAGE, Huawei's innovative mobile imaging brand, together with Chen Xiaobo, exhibition curator and 9th Vice President of the China Photographers Association, recently unveiled the photo exhibit to showcase heartwarming moments captured through the outstanding lenses of HUAWEI mobile phones with advanced and continually improving imaging technology. The exhibition reflects the remarkable 12-year journey of HUAWEI mobile photography, from the launch of the P series to the introduction of today's Pura 70 series.

The brand envisions that the essence of a photograph transcends the image itself, embodying a deeper spiritual value and delivering a more profound impact. HUAWEI XMAGE brought this vision to life through the HUAWEI XMAGE Global Exhibition, launched in the city of Dubai from May 8 to May 10, 2024, and now being showcased in different parts of the Philippines.

The exhibit showcases nearly 300 photographs taken with HUAWEI smartphones, capturing moments of warmth, tranquility, and brightness from around the globe. These images, depicting the genuine relatability of ordinary people, perfectly encapsulate HUAWEI XMAGE's brand philosophy: "The Power of Image."

Behind the frames 

"A Heartwarming World" goes beyond showcasing high-tech communication tools, illustrating the brand’s desire to make smartphones a medium for expressing and capturing warm moments. Curator Chen Xiaobo designed the exhibition to explore how images can diversify human existence and witness the beauty of nature and humanity. The exhibit preserves today's simple moments, like bread and salt, for future generations, highlighting how technology and art can create a more heartwarming world.

The exhibition is divided into eight themes, each reflecting different dimensions of life and nature: "The Secrets of Mother Nature," "Landscapes and Spaces," "A Dialogue with Animals," "The Story of Life," "The Joy of Sports," "The World of Youth," "You and Me," and "The Power of Moments." These themes embody XMAGE's brand philosophy, encouraging creators to unleash their imagination and creativity fully.

HUAWEI XMAGE Gallery at SM Megamall Fashion Hall

HUAWEI XMAGE photo exhibition to the Philippines

Huawei is extending the celebration of its photographic legacy with various promotions and events across different locations in the Philippines. Last June 7-9, the “A Heartwarming World” XMAGE Gallery was displayed at SM Megamall Fashion Hall featuring photos taken by Vogue Philippines, Fotomoto, Manila Bulletin and the HUAWEI Community. 

The photo exhibit is also being showcased in Davao at SM Davao Ecoland on 1L Annex and SM City Cebu, Main Mall, Lower Ground, both until June 14.

HUAWEI XMAGE Gallery at SM City Davao (Photo from HUAWEI)

As the exhibit continues its journey across the globe, HUAWEI invites everyone to embrace the power of the image to create a more heartwarming world together and discover the beauty in the ordinary, the joy in the mundane, and the connections that unite.