Beyond the postcards: Create lasting memories in Guam, USA

Discover the joy of traveling with loved ones only 3.5 hours away from Manila

Spending quality time with the family has become a rare luxury in today's world, so when given the chance to be together, it's essential to make every moment count.

Treasure every moment together by exploring new and exciting destinations. Plan the next family vacation in Guam - a nearby, tax-free paradise perfect for relaxation and adventure. This US territory is ideal for family travel with its relaxed and family-friendly environment, fun activities for all ages, immersive and educational tours, and safe scenic attractions.

Tumon Bay (Photo from Guam Visitors Bureau)

Besides being known for its military bases, Guam boasts naturally beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, rich culture and history, and a tropical climate perfect for outdoor fun, making it a prime location for families seeking both relaxation and exploration.

Start planning a trip to Guam by securing accommodations that best suit one's needs. From family-friendly resorts with amenities such as pools, kids' clubs, and beachfront access, to luxury hotels that provide outstanding service and hospitality. Ensure a smooth journey and allow flexibility to explore the island by renting a car. Major international and local car rental companies can be found at the airport, in hotel lobbies, and in other locations around the island. To help create the perfect itinerary, here is a list of must-visit places with fun and exciting activities for all to enjoy.

Family activities

From immersive tours highlighting the Chamorro culture to exciting underwater adventures, Guam has an array of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

 Fisheye Underwater Observatory (Photo from Guam Visitors Bureau)

To discover Guam's rich history, culture, and natural beauty, Valley of The Latte, located in the southern part of the island, is an absolute must-visit place. Enjoy outdoor adventures like kayaking or paddle boarding. The family can even go on a river cruise with a local tour guide sharing knowledge about Guam's history and culture.

Valley of the Latte (Photo from Guam Visitors Bureau)

Aside from historical and cultural activities, Guam offers an array of activities for every kind of traveler. The island's stunning coral reefs and crystal-clear waters provide the perfect opportunity for snorkeling and diving. For starters, Apra Harbor is popular amongst divers for its two shipwrecks from World War I and World War II. For more adventurous marine activities, Alupang Beach Club (ABC) offers dolphin watching, parasailing, and jet skiing, among others.

End a fun-filled day sitting ringside at the Super American Circus with thrilling performances filled with the traditional circus spirit and modern twists. Let the whole family witness some of the best acts in the world.

Shop, dine, and relax

In Guam, there is a plethora of shopping and dining places where families can indulge. Shop completely tax-free in Guam, USA. From budget-friendly items to upscale, luxury, name-brand products - this retail paradise caters to all types of travelers. Not only can the family shop for their favorite store items, but they can also indulge in a variety of Guam’s unique cuisine. Savor the flavors of Guam at the Chamorro Village; find local snacks and fresh produce at the Dededo Flea Market; or dine at any of the island’s restaurants serving unique and delicious dishes influenced by many different cultures and cuisines. Embark on a culinary journey that will leave the family’s taste buds wanting more. Dining in Guam can be an adventurous experience for the whole family. Enjoy beachside dinners grilling quality meats and seafood while the sun sets or catch an entertainment island cultural dinner show.

For a day of rejuvenation, Guam’s spas offer an indulgent escape for moms and daughters. There are Agana Day Spa, Island Skin Spa, and Mandara Spa, among others, which provide a range of treatments, from traditional massages and facials to unique wellness therapies inspired by the island’s natural resources.

Father and son bonding activities

Guam also offers exciting bonding activities for dads and sons. For golf enthusiasts, the island boasts several world-class golf courses set against stunning backdrops. Courses like the Onward Mangilao Golf Club offer challenging play with breathtaking views. Off-roading on an ATV is another thrilling activity where dads and sons can explore Guam’s rugged coastline together. Adventure parks and outdoor sports facilities offer additional opportunities for rock climbing, zip-lining, and biking, ensuring plenty of adrenaline-pumping fun.

Guam’s variety of attractions and activities make it an ideal destination for a family vacation. Whether exploring historical sites, indulging in water adventures, or enjoying local culture and cuisine, every moment spent in Guam contributes to a rich and memorable family experience.

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